What you have learned about writing, and possibly reading, from this course( english academic communication - Essay Example

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Thanks to that I believe that my writing skills have also improved.
The professor provided me with the necessary tools to better my…
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What you have learned about writing, and possibly reading, from this course( english academic communication
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Extract of sample "What you have learned about writing, and possibly reading, from this course( english academic communication"

Since the beginning of the I can say with confidence that I have gained knowledge and tools to improve my writing and reading skills. Thanks to that I believe that my writing skills have also improved.
The professor provided me with the necessary tools to better my ability to write essays. The knowledge that I gathered was delivered in easy and concise way. I learned how to write essays with using the APA citation style. My ability to choose the best references for my essays has also improved. I think I can now use correct grammar for my essay writing too. Furthermore, English is my second language, and learning such skills was very challenging, but with the knowledge and skills that I was presented with in this course, I now have a deeper understanding of how to write more confidently.
There are many different academic referencing styles in English essay writing. APA style format stands for the American Psychological Association. This style focuses on how to make the essay more organized and neat. This was the first element which I learned during the academic communication class. APA style has an easy format steps to follow in essay writing, such as using font size 12, double spaced, and a page header. Moreover, APA style paper should include four principal sections which are: title page, abstract, main body, and references.
Secondly, writing an essay requires a long time so that a research can be done like finding information and ideas about the essay topic. I learned from the course how to find resource from books and websites. This helped me to write perfect sentences describing my ideas using examples. During the course I obtained knowledge how to write references and demonstrate which source the ideas I used are borrowed from.
Also, I learned how to implement the essential information and avoid repetitions. On the other hand, reading gave me more understanding on how to choose the perfect vocabulary and grammar.
Thirdly, as mentioned earlier, English is my second language and it was hard for me to find appropriate vocabulary and write grammatically correct essays. The academic communication course taught me lots of new vocabulary and also improved my grammar skills. I can now apply the learned in this course and I am confident that I can correct my grammatical mistakes faster. I read through the text several times, as my professor had instructed me to. I try to read my essay professionally applying the strategies I learned during the class.
In conclusion, I would like to point out that writing essays requires more skills than I previously thought. Students need to understand how to improve their writing abilities before the start of an academic course. I choose APA referencing style to write my essay, and it is now more organized since I am using the skills and knowledge I gained during the academic communication class. References, allow me to prove that I have researched my ideas and which resources I used in my essay. Moreover, correcting my grammatical mistakes was a difficult thing for me to learn. But now I have more skills to choose the proper vocabulary and grammar in my essay. In fact, the academic communication class has greatly improved by writing and reading abilities and I hope that I have demonstrated this in this paper. Read More
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