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Improving Writing and Reading Skills: Writing as Talent - Essay Example

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The paper describes some view writing as insignificant and that feels as if they are wasting their time whenever they have to write something. It was the same case with me about two years ago. I disliked writing and I never thought there would come a time when I will enjoy writing…
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Improving Writing and Reading Skills: Writing as Talent
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Download file to see previous pages Two years ago, I was not just a poor writer, but English was foreign to me. I come from Kazakhstan, a country where only a few can understand English. I moved into America two years ago and that is when I started my essay writing. Initially, it was stressful living in America, since no one spoke Russian or Kazakh, the languages I understood best. Primarily it was my parents’ idea that I move to America. They felt that American education was the best for me. I was then in 9th grade and the idea of migrating to a place that was, very different from my home country was terrifying. However, when I learnt that my relatives were planning to migrate to Boston, I was encouraged to face what I had initially considered challenging. I had told my parent that I did not feel ready to leave my country but after thinking of the idea of getting a good education, I decided to migrate to America. Though I have been in America for only two years, I am glad that I made that decision. I searched for a high school in Boston since I felt it would be good to be near my relatives. When I joined Worcester academy, it was one of the most challenging moments of my life. The students spoke good English while I was quite poor in this language. The most challenging of all was the fact that I had to write essays, something that I had never done before. As much as I was doing fairly well in my other classes, essay writing was making me feel depressed since it was crucial and I was not doing well. Were it not for my teachers, who made me believe that I could write good essays, I would never have dedicated myself as I did. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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