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Relationship Analysis: When Harry Met Sally Your Name Your School Author’s Note: Your name, Department, University This paper is a partial fulfillment for the subject _, under Professor _. Relationship Analysis: When Harry Met Sally Introduction This paper seeks to review how the characters in the movie, When Harry Met Sally, follow the steps in developing and maintaining a romantic relationship using dialectic theory and uncertainty reduction theory…
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Relationship Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages When Harry Met Sally When Harry Met Sally is a film directed by Rob Reiner in 1989, and was written by Nora Ephron. It is listed as one of the top American comedy films of all time and is also considered one of the most romantic movies of all time. Ephron gained an Oscar nomination for this movie. The film also gained a lot of Golden Glove nominations, primarily with Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Actress. The film follows the story of two people, Harry Burns and Sally Albright. The story is set within a twelve year span, starting in 1977 to 1989, from Chicago to New York. The movie chronicles their relationship: from the point that they do not like each other to the point that they got married. They first met in Chicago, where Harry hitched a ride with Sally on the way to New York. It should be noted that Harry’s girlfriend is Sally’s friend and that’s how they knew each other. They did not go along with each other because of their different opinions regarding relationships between men and women. The film’s theme about relationships is revealed here: Men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way (Harry) and Women and men can be friends (Sally). They part ways as soon as they reached New York. The relationship is not romantic, not even friendly. Five years after that encounter, they saw each other at an airport and even share the same plane. Both are in romantic relationships: Sally was with Harry’s friend and Harry is engaged to a woman named Helen. This surprises Sally. Harry suggests that they become friends but further elaborates on this previous rule (but with an exception now because they are both in respective romantic relationships), making Sally reject his “friendly offer”. After five years, they meet again in a New York bookstore. Harry is now divorced and Sally is now single after breaking up with Harry’s friend, Joe. They have coffee together and they have talked about their previous relationships. At this point, they decided to become friends. They spend more time with each other (platonically), have dinners together, have late night phone calls and have dates with other people. Their dating experiences with other people continue to show each other’s differing beliefs on dating. One New Year’s Party, Harry and Sally danced, and they found themselves getting attracted to each other. They denied their feelings and they set each other up with their respective friends. By some twist of fate, their best friends hit it off and got engaged. One night, Sally calls Harry because her ex is getting married. Harry goes to Sally’s house and comforts her. They had sex unexpectedly, leading to awkwardness the next day. This leads to their friendship’s cooling off, until they have an argument at their best friends’ (the one they set up for each other) wedding, promptly severing their friendship. Harry then tries to patch things up with Sally, to no avail. Fast forward to another New Year’s Party with Sally and she felt alone because there was no Harry to be with her, unlike the last New Year’s Party. As she leaves the party, Harry appears and they make up their mistakes and realize that they do indeed love each other. They kiss. The last scene shows that they were being interviewed about their marriage. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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