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Discuss implications of the use of interactive media and social networking sites that use 'viral' techniques to generate 'advert - Essay Example

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Discuss Implications of the Use of Interactive Media and Social Networking Sites that Use 'Viral' Techniques to Generate 'Advertising Buzz' Table of Contents Implication of Utilisation of Interactive Media and Social Networking Sites for Generating ‘Advertising Buzz’ 3 Utilisation of ‘Affective Labour of the Audience’ by Social Network Campaigns 7 Requirement within Ad-Text for Successful ‘Viral Transmission’ 10 Ford Fiesta Campaigning on the Social Network 11 References 12 Implication of Utilisation of Interactive Media and Social Networking Sites for Generating ‘Advertising Buzz’ The World Wide Web and internet have evolved as the two of the most important elements of the va…
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Discuss implications of the use of interactive media and social networking sites that use viral techniques to generate advert
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Extract of sample "Discuss implications of the use of interactive media and social networking sites that use 'viral' techniques to generate 'advert"

Download file to see previous pages The interactive media and the social networking sites are actually the various websites that assist the web users to share feelings and to communicate and discuss about interesting topics among each other (Wesnick, 1994). The challenge that marketers face in this modern world of social networking is in relation to the identification of the key individuals who can persuade viral technique so as to generate the ‘advertising buzz’. However, once the marketers succeed in identifying the individuals, the entire phenomenon gives rise to effective implication both for the marketers as well as for the consumers (Abedniya & Mahmouei, 2010). Viral marketing which is an effective marketing technique for generating advertising buzz is considered to be an important aspect of the social networking sites. ...
The aspirations can be anything starting from supporting any phenomenon and ending at generating support from dwellers of the same community. Social media marketing has grown effective in this regard because the campaigns being promoted through this medium primarily satisfy the needs of the community (Fraim, 2000). After satisfying the communities, the marketers’ interests are considered. For example, through flicker account, EMC Corp would identify the interest of a particular community, say the software engineers, and would start promoting various packages of software through ‘photosharing’ (Clemons, 2007). Inducement of Campaigning Effectiveness: Promotional aspects through interactive media and social networking sites carry strong implications for encouraging interaction among the prospective consumers being targeted. This is because the promotional campaigns are launched through inclusion of the audience or the consumers. The networks for the social media are designed as such that information moves very fast from one community member to the other. The marketers who strive for achieving fast response from the consumers aim to promote their products or services through this medium. This unique feature of the social media marketing is termed as the ‘Viralness’, ‘Velocity’ or ‘Spread’. The marketers assure themselves of the fast response through promoting their products or services through this media. However, the effectiveness is entirely dependent upon the ability of the marketers to skilfully identifying the community (Clemons, 2007). Influence towards Generation of Trusted Behaviour from Members: The trust upon traditional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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