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Does Controversial Advertising Sell Product - Research Paper Example

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This paper, Does Controversial Advertising Sell Product?, outlines that controversial advertising is based on the assumption that controversy spreads faster than light. Controversial advertising has many forms and variations, which are practiced by marketers as per their respective requirements…
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Does Controversial Advertising Sell Product
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Download file to see previous pages Marketers must, therefore, rely on more subtle methods of communicating a message to their consumers. Stealth marketing attempts to catch people at their most vulnerable by identifying the weak spot in their defensive shields. Stealth marketing represents the latest in a long line of marketers attempts to get their brands noticed in a crowded marketplace by flying below the consumers radar. It is considered a viable alternative to conventional advertising because it is perceived as softer as and more personal than traditional advertising.
Stealth-marketing attempts to present a new product or service by cleverly creating and spreading "buzz" in an obtuse or surreptitious manner. (1) Instead of aggressively shouting to everybody at the same time, stealth marketing tends to whisper occasionally to a few individuals. It loads a product or service with attractive features that make it "cool" or "in" and relies heavily on the power of word of mouth to encourage customers to feel they just "stumbled" upon the product or service them.
The main objective of controversial advertising is to get the right people talking about the product or service without it appearing to be company-sponsored. Essentially, it creates a positive word-of-mouth environment whereby selected consumers become spontaneous carriers of the message. Eventually, the message is diffused in concentric circles, from the trendsetters to mainstream consumers. The initial message can be conveyed in a variety of ways: physically (celebrities or trendsetters may be seen with the brand); verbally (people sneak the brand name in on-air or off-air conversations); virtually or virally (message is transmitted via internet chartrooms, newsgroups, or weblogs); or in any combination thereof.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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