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Ethical thinking arise from the news reporting - Nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebs posted by hackers - Assignment Example

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Everything is just a click away. People from far ranging islands and across seven seas are better connected than ever in history. As far as globalisation…
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Ethical thinking arise from the news reporting - Nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebs posted by hackers
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Extract of sample "Ethical thinking arise from the news reporting - Nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebs posted by hackers"

Download file to see previous pages The availability of information and sizeable technological innovations has added to its utility.
Presently lives have become increasingly hectic and competitive. No one stops to double think before acquiring an opportunity to eat from someone else’s plate without having to work for it. Undeserved benefits, easy money and respectful back seats of power are craved by everyone. Those who do manage to get their hands on such power are slowly addicted to the uselessness. They put on guises of importance but mostly just eat the profit from the jobs executed by their subordinates. Call that inhumane verbally, but that’s the mode of operation in leading firms and organisations. Unlawful devouring of assets is often masked by a greater degree of deceptive backbone. You have strong sources or friends with powerful seats? Eat all you want. The world is yours.
The leaked photos of Jennifer Lawrence, as many blogs and online networking sites are rampant about, are a breach of law and definitely categorised immoral (Steinberg, 2014). Hackers either do these things as a sale pitch for their abilities or as a means to blackmail their chosen party. They have no sense of responsibility but can find well developed and easily accentuated excuses. They attain access to a person’s work station and from there every folder, every document and every picture is their property and for the world to see. These hackers believe that all information, whatever the type, needs to be shared.
The cultural infrastructure should therefore be very strong to cope with internal issues as well to aid in a strong clientele formation. The employees have a greater influence on the organisational culture, and it is a substantial part which cannot be easily moulded once formulated. The major role is played by the executive authorities in outlining the culture while the employees have to adhere to it as a whole ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethical Thinking Arise from the News Reporting - Nude Photos of Assignment.
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