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Today's Marketing for Building Powerful Brand Image - Literature review Example

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This paper “Today's Marketing for Building Powerful Brand Image” will specifically address an effective marketing platform which today includes viral marketing and new media. For the reputation of the brand, it is important that the speaker from whom the viral message comes had a good reputation.
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Todays Marketing for Building Powerful Brand Image
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Extract of sample "Today's Marketing for Building Powerful Brand Image"

Download file to see previous pages The new media and advertising environment require skills, insight and creative and analytic power. This requires strategic partnering with agencies, media companies, and consultants. In nutshell, finding the right people with integrated talent has been difficult. The challenges have raised controversies and debates around the right form of marketing and have made this a contested social field. The debates range from the effectiveness of the new media to the returns on investment, whether they generate sales of merely creating awareness.
The power in the marketer-consumer relationship keeps changing as there are shifts in the mode of economic production and forms of social contestation. Power today lies in the hands of the consumer and not the company. Naomi Klein points out in her book No Logo that newspapers, television stations, Internet servers, streets, and retail spaces are all controlled by multinational corporate interests (The Economist, 2001). The criticism is rightly against globalization and how the so-called branded goods produced in the third world sweatshops have replaced the local goods. Today every consumer is looking for branded goods but more as a prestige issue. Earlier brands offered protection to the consumer; it was an assurance of quality and reliability. In the developing countries, consumers gain at prices as competition exerts downward pressure on the prices. Consumers are prepared to pay a higher price for brands but as consumer tastes have been changing very rapidly, brands too fade fast. Companies like Coca-Cola and Nike are trying to buy customers by appealing to their emotional needs and desires like Coca-Cola trying to associate its fizzy drink with carefree fun. While some consumers may get carried away there are many that dislike such advertisements that lure a consumer. The power of the brand can also be used negatively to discourage consumers. For instance, when environmental degradation and human rights abuse or child labor is cited against certain brands, it immediately wakes up people and makes them boycott these brands. Hence brands too have an impact on the consumers which the marketers realized and make their best efforts to appeal to them through different marketing techniques. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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