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Communication psychology - Essay Example

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Advertising is one way or another form of communication between the manufacturers and the consumers of a product in the market. Advertising sells ideas, services and products. In this present era of…
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Communication psychology
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Extract of sample "Communication psychology"

Download file to see previous pages Adequate advertising and promotional activities are the key marketing strategies that increase the brand awareness of every individual product of an organization. Advertising is a tool of marketing communication that used to persuade, encourage and manipulate the Audiences to take some new purchasing decisions. Moreover, the purpose of advertising is to reassure the shareholders or employees that an organization is successful or viable enough (Silvera 2004).
The desired result of advertising is to drive the consumer buying behaviour with respect to commercial offering. Commercial advertiser habitually seek to produce increased consumption of their goods and services through branding that involves relating a product logo or product name with certain qualities in the minds of Audiences. Non-profit organizations may depend on the form of persuasion, such as PSA. The non-commercial advertisers who spend capitals to promote their products and services other than consumer goods or services include interest groups, governmental agencies, political parties and religious organizations (Silvera 2004).
There are various techniques used in creating an effective advertisement for a product in the market. Advertising is most evident on TV, radio, the internet, newspapers, magazines and many other places. Advertising targets specific people or an Audience in specific places like the billboards, the subway, buses, emails, mailings and in store announcements. Some products also act like advertisements themselves like T-shirts, video games, products in movies, vending machines just to mention a few. The advert aims are to reassure customers who have already purchased the product for its continuous production; customer loyalty, get the attention of non-users to start using, to create an image for a product in the market and finally to persuade the customer to purchase the product (Silvera 2004).
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Communication Psychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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