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Framing is the social construction of a given social phenomenon in most cases by sources of mass media, actors, certain organizations, political leaders or movements, and social movements. In essence, it is the selective influence attributed to the meanings that are given to…
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Framing Theory
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Framing theory al Affiliation: Framing Theory Introduction Framing is the social construction of a given social phenomenon inmost cases by sources of mass media, actors, certain organizations, political leaders or movements, and social movements. In essence, it is the selective influence attributed to the meanings that are given to certain words and phrases (Karen & Frauke, 2005).
The term framing is a general word in social sciences which refers to a given set of concepts and perspectives relate to reality. It has applications in mass communication, psychology, sociology, political science, and the area of linguistics. The field of economics also widely applies the theory of framing. In general, framing can apply to any situation given that it involves the perception of a theory as portrayed by a given individual or group of individual (Laurah, 2012).
The theory of framing has several sub-theories that clarify the variances present in its application. First of all, it has considerations in one of two ways. It is either considered as frames in thought or frames in communication. Its consideration as frames in thought consists of certain mental simplifications of reality, representations, and interpretations. On the other hand, when considered as frames in communication, framing consists of the communication frames between different actors. Another sub-theory of this concept is its view either as being negative or positive. In this view, the positivity or negativity depends more or less on the constituents of a given audience and the kind of information being passed to this audience (Judith, 2010).
A further division of framing is it being viewed either as equivalence frames or emphasis frames. As equivalence frames, framing represents the logical equivalent alternatives that are portrayed in different ways. In this view, the information in the presentation is often based on the same fundamentals (Shanto, 1994). The frame, though, that is presented shifts with the result that a perception that is dependent on the reference is created. On the other hand, having emphasis frames simplify reality with a focus on a given subset of the aspect relevant to the prevailing situation. These theories and sub-theories have daily applications whereby the same basis of facts is often used to portray different perspectives of a given phenomenon. For example, one may be quoted and their information interpreted in very many different ways thus yielding different frames to different people. Beside the information being received by the audience, members of the audience also receive the facts as they perceive them to be.
Issues in Framing
Framing has many applications in many fields of study. In the mass communication, framing helps in distinguishing what can be classified as news and what cannot. With limited space, time, and resources, framing plays an important part in the interpretation and classification of information (Ralph, 2009).
Many a times, framing causes conflicts which can only be resolved in court. With politicians being misquotes on a near-daily basis, it is often the case that media houses or political movements find unintended meanings of words from a certain public figure. To this day, framing remains an ambiguous concept and is the reason as to why politicians or any public figures have to watch what they say.
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