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The White Patriot Party. Framing and Resource Mobilization Theories - Essay Example

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This paper discusses the White Patriotic Party and develops a sociological understanding of their hate and terror, in the context of racism. The WPP is based in the United States, formed in 1980 by Glenn Miller…
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The White Patriot Party. Framing and Resource Mobilization Theories
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The White Patriot Party. Framing and Resource Mobilization Theories

Download file to see previous pages... The group set up telephone hotlines that consisted, in one instance, of a recording featuring a black man being lynched. The WPP was widely supported in North Carolina by a population endeared to them by their blaming of Jewish bankers for the dreary economic climate faced by the farmers. It was estimated that they numbered 3000 at their peak. The founder’s goal was for an independent South, the formation of an all-white-nation that lay within the 1,000,000 miles2 of mother Dixie. In an impassioned appeal to the members, miller claimed that all hope was lost for New York that was under the Jews and for “San Fran-sissy-co” and more areas dominated by non-white minorities, communists, perverts, Jews, and “rectum-loving queers”. The party was closed down by the SPLC and Morris Dees who was a fierce civil rights advocate and became a KKK target after a confrontation with Louis Beam, the Louisiana grand dragon in 1981. After Dees managed to get a court to protect Vietnamese shrimpers, via issuing an injunction, from the Louisiana Klan, Beams challenged Dees to a duel. The SPLC managed to access the WPP’s network, uncovering information that there was a hit on Dees, which caused a judge to forbid Miller and WPP from paramilitary activity. The WPP was blamed for over 140 attacks from 1979 to 1983 in North Carolina (Atkins, 2011). In 1980, the WPP burnt a cross on Lauren and Paul Martin’s lawn. The two were an interracial couple. In the county of Moore, White Patriots paid a visit to an African American prison guard who was up for promotion in the correctional unit at Moore County. In Lee County, WPP members burnt a cross on a black minister’s lawn because he had protested at their presence at the local jail where the members had offered to pay bond for an African American man in jail for sexually assaulting a white woman. As many hate groups in America, in the 80s, the WPP was revolutionizing its activities rapidly. They set out their targets in the form of judges, lawyers, and enforcement officers. The WPP attacked a black couple that moved to a predominantly white community in Moore County, North Carolina in 1979 (Bullard, 2008). They were at first made the subject of vandalism acts on their residence, with bottles, bricks, and rocks thrown through their windows. This caused extensive damage to their house. The couple also found themselves the victim of racial threats, slurs, and taunts. In November 1982, the United States BOP officials at the Leavenworth Penitentiary got information that four inmates planned to escape the jail later that month (Bullard, 2008). The inmates were members of the WPP and were in jail for the murder of a young black male during a protest in Lee County. The plan involved the smuggling of weapons into the jail via a prison contact in the laundry room, where the weapons would be stored until the escape would be made. The 4 inmates, who included three notorious members; Randall Evans, Richard Scutari, and Bruce Pierce planned to shoot their path through prison security when the prison yard would be filled with inmates. An inmate, who was an FBI source, with the four inmates being transferred to the Marion, Illinois United States prison, uncovered their plan. Other attacks and activities linked to the WPP include: The 1982 terrorism of a black prison guard, Bobby Pearson, and others, including a woman involved in a biracial relationship with an African American man. This attack was carried out by the Carolina Knights of the KKK who attacked while bearing arms (Center, 2006). In 1985, Glenn Miller and a number of his followers paraded through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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