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This research paper analyses the historical meaning of American conflicts such as The American Revolution, Asymmetric Wars, The Vietnam War, Operations into North Vietnam, The 1991 Gulf War, Revolutions in Military Affairs, The American Civil War…
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American Conflicts
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Download file to see previous pages The Revolution was seen as a war of independence. There are several stages in a revolution. One stage is that “the various fibers are knit together” and you have to stretch some parts while loosening the other parts. There can several analogies of a revolution. But one thing is certain, there has to be changed. Revolution is changing, and the change can be in the system, in the method and the ways of ruling. The social consequences of a revolution are not the result of the wishes and plans of those who started the revolution but by the desires of those who are in control. The American Revolution was started by only a few compared to the population at that time. It was started by a numerical minority, “just like the Viet Cong”, although by the end of the revolution, the majority of the colonists may have supported the struggle against Great Britain. The war between the Patriots and Tories resembled like the Vietnam-Vietcong conflict. The Americans sought foreign aid instead of foreign alliance. John Adams warned that alliances would entrap America in future European wars.  For instance, the French did not want a second American invasion of Canada, and the French did not want the new United States full control of the North American continent because they had the fishing rights in the Mississippi.Wars mar the history of a nation (Morris, 1969, p. 350). The Civil War in America’s history, which marked its 150th year in 2011, tested the American spirit. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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American Conflicts Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7500 Words.
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