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In what ways does the conflicts between Troy and his son reflect conflicts within the African-American community Does the play - Essay Example

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Fences This paper studies the conflicts between the African-American communities. It has laid down an example between Troy, the main protagonist in the play having issues with his son Tory, who wants to play football for his college but is denied permission from his father…
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In what ways does the conflicts between Troy and his son reflect conflicts within the African-American community Does the play
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Extract of sample "In what ways does the conflicts between Troy and his son reflect conflicts within the African-American community Does the play"

Download file to see previous pages This is where the crux of the play lies. The fact that Troy was a black man, and the colour barrier existed caused great hardships to the man himself. Troy was very disheartened and lonely and disappointed when he realized that he couldn’t make it to the Major League Baseball. He was a victim of colour politics in United States at that time. The community had not opened up to the African Americans and that was a major cause of concern for the blacks living out there. The African-American community was clearly discriminated against by the white Americans. They did not allow the intermingling of the people out there and that caused great hardships to those people. Troy was very much let down by the activities of the people who gave third grade treatment to the black Americans out there. There was a sense of misunderstanding between the communities and the community, which faced the maximum wrath, was indeed the African Americans. Troy’s son wants to get into football. He is an ardent player and an individual who believes that the boy has it in him to make it to the Major League coaches him. He used to practice quite often and he started getting better at his game. He was a child prodigy and it was imperative that he would have made a great baseball player all by himself. However, when the time came to up his game, his father refused to let him play the game with his coach as his trainer. What became worse was the fact that he told his coach that his son would not be playing the game anymore and the fact that he wouldn’t be training himself with anyone out there since he has asked his son to stop playing the game. The basic underlying concept over here is the fact that he was afraid that his son would be discriminated against and would not be able to make it to major league since he is a black American. And by the time he would have probably realized that it would have been too late, which would have led to a heartbreak, and he didn’t want his son to encounter that part of his life. Cory, who was Troy’s son, fought with his dad over this issue. He was extremely disappointed by the actions of his dad and fought like a warrior with leaving no stones unturned. However, unfortunately for him his dad threw him out of the house and he never came back. The son and the father never compromised on their stance and that led to a spoilt relationship between the two. It was very sad to see them getting angry over the issue and they could not be reconciled in a fruitful manner. Cory could not get into the team for obvious reasons. That led to a departure in this ideas that his dad wanted to make him a football player. For obvious reasons, his dad was scared for his child’s reputation had he tried getting into the major league. The play softly touches upon the issues and challenges faced by the African American communities before the then president Abraham Lincoln passed the 13th amendment. It was in those days that the African community was treated very badly by the whites. They were deemed as slaves and there was nowhere to go for them. It was as if they were cornered in all departments by the whites and the blacks were bought and sold for the services they provided for. It was indeed a sad state of affairs and only the white were supposed to be blamed for those mishaps. The play does not reflect upon any compromise at the outset, but by the time the play is ending the readers can see the compromise solutions being formulated in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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