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African Economic and Social Challenges - Case Study Example

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The paper "African Economic and Social Challenges" states that millions of West Africans were coercively dispossessed and displaced, and towns and communities were destroyed. Numerous West Africans were slaughtered in slaving conflicts or remained bonded in Africa…
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African Economic and Social Challenges
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Extract of sample "African Economic and Social Challenges"

Download file to see previous pages Unfortunately, it appears that the ordinary resource-abundant country might develop more rapidly under a dictatorship. Nonetheless, Africa’s great ethnic diversity renders dictatorship completely damaging (Ndulu et al. 2008). Resource-abundant African countries do not have the choice of development through a dictatorship. Moreover, ethnic diversity undermines the capability of society to charge public services of accountability (Chapman & Baker 1992). Still, resource-abundant Africa does not have the choice of a limited public sector; resource fees unavoidably build-up to the government and will mostly be used up by it (Chapman & Baker 1992).
Thus, what kind of political structure is most appropriate in a resource-abundant and ethnically diverse African society? Dictatorship is irreversibly defective in the perspective of ethnic diversity, but democracy is fluid in the perspective of resource charters. The type of political system that seems most appropriate to ethnically diverse countries with resource charters is a democracy with decentralized public expenditure and uncommonly rigid checks and balances (Ndulu et al. 2008). How the administration can exercise power has to be greatly limited, instead of merely how it acquires authority. Botswana shows that this arrangement is feasible in Africa and that it is very efficient in furnishing growth in resource-abundant societies (Ndulu et al. 2008). Botswana has one of the most developed economies in the world for several years. But currently, the country is extraordinary (Ndulu et al. 2008). Most resource-abundant countries have uncommonly indecisive checks and balances, not uncommonly rigid ones. The major problem currently confronting resource-abundant African societies is to establish such a political system (Nnadozie 2003).
Self-regulating central banks are one of the vital checks and balances that a resource-abundant country requires.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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