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Challenges of people living with HIV/AIDS - Assignment Example

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The purpose of the study is the exploration and description of the challenges faced by people living with HIV/AIDS face. It will also aim to find out the extent of these challenges and how they can be overcome. This information will then be used to come up with solutions which can be used to reduce these challenges…
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Challenges of people living with HIV/AIDS
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Extract of sample "Challenges of people living with HIV/AIDS"

Download file to see previous pages The method that will be used to collect data for the study will be direct interviews on the people who are living with HIV/AIDS .The interviews will explore themes such as emotional, social and physical well being of the people living with HIV/AIDS. There will also be involvement of two focus groups, one will involve community leaders while the other local health providers. These two focus groups would help building on the themes that would have emerged from the previously conducted interviews. The study is expected to give information on the particular challenges they face, and why they face these challenges. It will also shed some light on the different needs that the people living with HIV/AIDS have such as medical/physical, financial, social, gender issues, material and physiological/emotional. In trying to deal with the challenges it will be very important to consider the needs that people living with HIV/AIDS have .The results from this study will form a basis for development of programs to be used when trying to deal with the challenges that people living with HIV/AIDS face.
The problem
The problem that will be focused on is the challenges that people living with HIV/AIDS have. The research aims to address several questions these are the exact reasons why people living with HIV/AIDS face these challenges. The other question is the types of challenges faced by the people living with HIV/AIDS are these challenges social, financial, psychological, emotional or medical. It will also address the question of whether or not there are other factors that increase these challenges. It will also look at factors like gender and poverty and how they contribute to these challenges. Background of problem The project comes under the background that among the people living with HIV/AIDS 69% of them are found in Africa. The southern part of Africa is the region that is most affected by HIV/AIDS. High rates of infection are depicted in Zimbabwe, Swaziland, South Africa, Namibia and Lesotho. Africa is faced by various challenges such as poverty which is still rampant among many African Countries (Punch, 2000). The rapid spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa has created a burden to the public health care which is still underdeveloped. Hospitals in Africa are increasingly being unable to give the required medical care for the HIV/AIDS patients. As a result of the lack of proper healthcare systems in place the burden of taking care of the infected people falls on the communities and households.HIV/AIDS has been a challenge in African countries for a very long time and it is still a challenge even with emerging medication. People living with HIV/AIDS are still having challenges in their day to day lives. There have not been serious measures developed to try and help reduce these challenges. A lot of research has previously been conducted to try and look into the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS .This is however not enough since the challenges they face have to be looked at together with trying to find a solution to this challenges. Research design Sample selection There will be need for assistance from community workers from particular rural townships of 8 African countries three from southern Africa, two from Western Africa, two from Eastern Africa and one from Northern Africa. Community health workers will be expected to recruit participants living with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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