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The Global Transmission of HIV/AIDS and Challenges of Producing Effective Vaccines - Research Paper Example

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This research paper outlines the global transmission of HIV/AIDS and the challenges of producing effective vaccines. This paper reviews how and what are the factors leading to the rapid transmission and spreading of HIV throughout the global until becoming the monumental challenge to global public health where the access to treatment is extremely limited and under research…
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The Global Transmission of HIV/AIDS and Challenges of Producing Effective Vaccines
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Extract of sample "The Global Transmission of HIV/AIDS and Challenges of Producing Effective Vaccines"

Download file to see previous pages Today, HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa and the fourth biggest killer in the world (Girard et al. 2004; 1221) and an estimated 14,000 people/day become infected with HIV, with more than 95% of them living in under-development regions of the world (UNAIDS 2008). As deadly AIDS remains incurable and HIV causes the disease to spread non-stop, health authorities, government, non-governmental or organizations, sociologists, health educators, and various health-related researchers are reappraising the existing methods of curing the killer disease. In the country-country analyses of AIDS spread carried out by the joint venture of the United Nations and World Health Organisation (WHO), it had proven that the rate of deadly infection spreading is serious. As a result of that, the development of a safe, effective and affordable vaccine is urgently needed. The first phase I trial on HIV vaccine was conducted in the USA in 1987. Next, more than 35 vaccines were being tested in over 65 Phase I/II clinical trials which involved more than 10,000 healthy volunteers from more than 10 countries (Girard et al. 2004; 1221). Two phases III trials have been done to completion (Cohen 2003) and the third one is still under progress (McNeil et al. 2004). However, the most effective HIV vaccine is still uncovered due to multiple challenges. The failure of developing an effective vaccine is due to the high genetic variability of the viral (Korber et al. 2001; 41), lack of knowledge of the virus (Lifson et al. 2000; 2584), the difficulty of generating broadly neutralising antibodies (Burton et al. 2004; 223) and the complexities of the developing a large-scale clinical test trials in developing countries (Excler et al. 2000; 210).
The scientific questions regarding HIV vaccines trials are complex. HIV vaccine research faces more and larger challenges compared to other vaccines such as Poliovirus, H1N1 pandemic flu virus and so forth. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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