HIV/AIDS Prevention Paper: examine prevention from beginning to end stages (transmission target population risk behaviors prevention strategy). Your evaluation should be evidence based - Essay Example

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That is why there is a considerable amount of effort that is directed at combating them. Over the decades, the humanity was able to work…
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HIV/AIDS Prevention Paper: examine prevention from beginning to end stages (transmission target population risk behaviors prevention strategy). Your evaluation should be evidence based
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Extract of sample "HIV/AIDS Prevention Paper: examine prevention from beginning to end stages (transmission target population risk behaviors prevention strategy). Your evaluation should be evidence based"

Download file to see previous pages It was found that various sexual behaviors together have the second highest risk rate which equals to 161 instances per 10,000 (“HIV Transmission Risk”). Blood transfusion is surely the highest (9,250 per 10,000) while the third highest risk factor has a rating that is more than two time lower than sexual intercourse: injection drug use is reported to have 63 instances per 10,000 (“HIV Transmission Risk”). Keeping in mind that there are more people who have sexual intercourse a day than those who have blood transfusion, one would make no mistake suggesting that sexual mode of transmission prevails. All this results in the fact that the issue of HIV and AIDS is strongly associated with sex; however, the public should make an important reservation: it is unprotected sex that is the riskiest activity when it comes to dealing with the virus in question. In other words, a person may be perfectly save if one uses a condom, does not have blood transfusion and does not inject drugs.
It is suggested that the target population that is at the highest risk is men who have sex with men and female sex workers (“HIV & AIDS in Thailand”). Thus, the former group as at the highest risk since anal sex is practiced by than which has the highest risk of transmitting HIV which is 141 instances per 10,000 exposures (“HIV Transmission Risk”). As for female sex workers, they are often engaged in sexual intercourse without a condom which leads to high risk of exposure. The above mentioned risk behaviors present challenges for HIV prevention because of the following reasons. First of all, men who have sex with men prefer anal sex over oral sex which makes their sexual intercourse the riskiest and they are not willing to use condoms because of the negative influence that is has on sensual aspect of it. As for female sex workers, thier client may be willing to avoid using condom for the same reason. It is quite ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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