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Narrative Conflict: Marrying an American Woman - Essay Example

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While the US is a secular state, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia operates under the Sharia law. Marriage matters in Saudi Arabia are different for instance, it is illegal to poses any form of beverage alcoholic in nature, and…
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Narrative Conflict: Marrying an American Woman
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Download file to see previous pages Among others, the symbols are the rosary, the cross, as well as pictures of Jesus Christ. The law allows women to own cars, but it does not allow them to drive. It is prohibited to own a dog in Saudi and women do not have the autonomy to do anything independently without the presence of a man to take care of them.
The conflict with my parents emanates from the fact that I want to marry a non-Muslim. However, as a born and brought up Muslim, I intend to take along with me an American girl am currently dating as wife. She is from a different religion, culture, and my family is no receptive of me taking her in as a wife. The issue has brought up a conflict between my parents and me. Back in Saudi Arabia, some families continue to adopt a liberal approach, but my parents remain among the majority who stick to foundational cultural values. Primarily, I am not supposed to marry my girlfriend because of the difference in religion. Furthermore, my parents hold that Saudi Arabia rules will conflict with her based on the different background of her upbringing.
I have a tense situation where I need to balance so that I do not disappoint both parents and my girlfriend. However, I consider myself a member of the emerging liberal gulf Arab. After highlighting, some of the cultural aspects that I will abide by, my fiancée agreed to them paving way for our planned marriage. One mandatory requirement is for the authorities of Saudi Arabia Kingdom to authorize my marriage to an American girl. It is in our statutory that because I am below the age of thirty-five, I must seek permission from the Saudi government to marry a non-Saudi. I have set the process of satisfying government regulations in motion but my parents do not approve the entire process. In my explanation, I put it to my parent that as a Muslim faithful, religion allows me to marry a woman of my choice. My parents do not support me engaging government regulations because they know without the permission from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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