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After the American revolution conflicts between the North and South - Essay Example

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Referred to as the difference in economies, political ideologies, labor trends and other social structures and sectionalism were evident before and during the civil war. This, notably, was from 1848 to1865 (Paterson, Clifford and Maddock 132). The historic civil war left severe…
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After the American revolution conflicts between the North and South
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Extract of sample "After the American revolution conflicts between the North and South"

Task: South vs. North (sectionalism) Referred to as the difference in economies, political ideologies, labor trends and othersocial structures and sectionalism were evident before and during the civil war. This, notably, was from 1848 to1865 (Paterson, Clifford and Maddock 132). The historic civil war left severe damages and deaths including economic and social effects. Before and during the civil war, the north and south had regional and economic differences. While the northern states had an industrial based economy, their southern counterparts depended on an economy supported by agriculture. The southern states majorly depended on cotton growing as their main source of revenue. There, however, existed a range of factories in the north of which most were agriculture based, as grain processing. The economy of the north was diverse with several other factories, apart from agriculture based. The southern states had slavery as the source of labor in their plantations (Jordan xii). This was among the issues that exacerbated the south with their northern counterparts. While the southern plantation owners embraced slavery, the north had it declared as an odd institution.
The north and south had divergent economic interests. This difference possibly triggered the enmity that, among other factors, promoted the civil war. There was a notable difference in the labor forces between the north and south. The north consisted of a majority of skilled workers that made the labor market competitive while the south mainly used semiskilled and manual labor. There were high tariffs in the north, contrary to the south where there were low tariffs. The high tariffs shielded to the industries in the north from competition.
The north and south had differences including their locations of land in the continent. While the northern states fall in the northern hemisphere, the southern states have their situation in the southern hemisphere. The demographics of the north and south showed explicit differences. The northern population was higher than the southern given the surge of people in the north, who worked in the factories. The immigration, therefore, escalated the population of the north. Differences over land issues were among the significant causes of the historic civil war. The union states (from the north) wanted their southern counterparts (confederate states) to surrender their large plantations for the building of industries and factories. The southern states, however, were reluctant to give in to such forces. This triggered a land conflict between the north and the south, which was a possible cause of the civil war.
The north and south also had constitutional differences, before and during the civil war. While the northern union states had a strong central government and held the urge to have a united nation, their southern counterparts held onto state’s rights that promoted secession. According to the southern states, every state had the authority and the right to terminate the partisan it had in the union, a notion that the north did not hold. The difference emanated from the difference in their constitutional interpretation. While the southern states, through their notion of secession, maintained that, every state had the right to interpret the constitution in a way that could fit it. This was contrary to the northern states’ interpretation of the constitution that viewed it binding and discouraged secession. The civil war saw many losses, many in the southern states. The northern states won, and the union reunited, as per the wish of the northern union states.
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