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Media Sex and Violence - Past and Present - Essay Example

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Media Sex and Violence- Past and Present Media a few decades back was not obsessed with sex and violence as it is today. There were not too many media technologies nor did people believe in it as they do in the modern world. Today, kids are learning about their society through media and due to the violence reports, sexual assaults, religious killings, and social dilemmas on the latest media technologies, they are adopting that specific kind of perception and are beginning to show predisposition themselves as they are growing up…
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Media Sex and Violence - Past and Present
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Download file to see previous pages They are interested in shows that satisfy their aggressive nature and thus they turn toward believing violent reports subconsciously. While defining his media theory, Sparks (2009, p.3) asserts that “Perhaps the effects of media violence are difficult for people to detect in themselves- even though the effects are definitely present.” Negative effects of sex and violence on children Parents and teachers have always been concerned and looking for answers regarding what effects violence and sex in media can imprint on young developing brains. As technology media grows significantly and presents newer and smarter media types, the American youth is the first to get affected thanks to increased availability and affordability of media sources. When the television shows violent programs, then it is to be blamed in mutating the minds of the youngsters from incorruptibility to violence. Violent media arrives with concerns relating to addiction, anxiety, dejection, brutality and aggression that develop in young minds. Last decade has shown an increase in violence rate among children in the United States and studies show that children are increasingly being treated for anger management thanks to the violent shows and programs shown on television. Children tend to have less-developed ability of decision-making or critical thinking so they cannot realize what is wrong with what they are viewing and their minds learn or absorb every act they see. When a child watches the violent or sexual acts, the energy generated by the fantasy keeps the physical responses from getting expressed. So, when this energy gets its chance, it gets expressed in the real life. Moreover, girls are experiencing very early menstruation and boys are entering into adolescence very early because of being exposed to the bold television shows which hastens their puberty. “Several longitudinal studies have linked exposure to sex in the media to earlier onset of sexual intercourse”, says Wood (2009). Negative effects of sex and violence on adults “Research on violent television and ?lms, video games, and music reveals unequivocal evidence that media violence increases the likelihood of aggressive and violent behavior in both immediate and long-term contexts”, assert Anderson et al. (2003, p.81). They further state that violence shown in media is responsible for the development of aggressive behavior and thoughts among the adults (Sics, 2011; Boxer et al., 2009). This can also result in abuse in relationships. Desensitization regarding violence and sex occurs. The physiological arousal that results from sexual content shown by media tends to initiate frustration which then comes out in the form of spouse abuse, rape, homicides, and sexual activities. Research suggests that today, the number of adults watching violent and sexual media through different media sources are increasing day by day and it is frustrating to guess where it will end up. Recommendations Media literacy is necessary, both in the adults and the children. In case of children, it is important for the parents to work out some parental mediation interventions so that the children’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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