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The paper “The UN Suspends Syria Mission, Citing Increase in Violence» elucidates the view on the ambiguity of the superpower mission in Libya. Part of the world community believes the US must fulfill its humanitarian obligations by intervening in the settlement of the armed civil conflict…
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The UN Suspends Syria Mission, Citing Increase in Violence
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Letter to the Editor. Letters to the Editor The New York Times 620 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10018 E-mail:
U.N. Suspends Syria Mission, Citing Increase in Violence. June 16, 2012
The U.N.’s suspension of its mission in Syria is an unequivocal admission of its helplessness in the face of the rapidly deteriorating situation. In any case, the presence of the U.N. monitors accomplishes nothing, and opposition activists are justified in terming the mission a “sham.” With Russia and China adamant in their backing of the Assad regime, and Kofi Annan’s absolutely ineffective ‘Peace Plan,’ it is evident that the conflict is set to escalate. This is seen by many as a signal for the USA (of course, under the aegis of NATO), to step into the breach.
The growing clamor for U. S. intervention cites the massacre of unarmed civilians, including women and children. The Assad regime is sinking to new levels of authoritarian brutality, with its use of helicopter gunships and arbitrary arrests. But it is to be kept in mind that when aerial bombing is ruled out, because of the risk of high civilian casualties, what remains is the prospect of American boots on the ground. With the unresolved quagmire of Iraq and Afghanistan looming in the background, the call for U.S. action is premature to say the least.
Using a practical frame of reference, we must admit that, unlike Libya, Syria is not rich in natural resources. The only justification for America to send its troops into the midst of an escalating civil war is the humanitarian obligation. From the World Wars to the Balkans, Americans have done their share in sacrificing their lives for the cause of world democracy and justice. America consistently shoulders the major burden of all NATO commitments. It is time that other countries accept responsibility in ensuring peace. President Obama is correct in his stand to let the U.N. explore various other options in Syria.
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Kirkpatrick, David D. and David E. Sanger. “U.N. Suspends Syria Mission, Citing Increase in
Violence.” The New York Times. June 16, 2012. Web. 21 June, 2012. Read More
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