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The war in syria and its consequences on lebanon - Research Paper Example

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The successful Arab revolt that occurred in African countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Libya contributed to the 2011 uprising that has turned into a civil war in Syria. Citizens in different parts of the country took to the street to demonstrate against the government of Al…
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The war in syria and its consequences on lebanon
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Extract of sample "The war in syria and its consequences on lebanon"

Download file to see previous pages The armed opposition is an alliance of various groups, which were formed during the conflict to protect the civilian protestors and face off the government forces. This civil conflict has however progressed to become a regional problem, affecting other countries that have remained neutral to the domestic issues that are facing the country. As opposed to being an effort to eliminate Assad leadership in Syria, the conflict has graduated into a sectarian conflict, leading to emergence of Alawite government forces and pro-government militias made up of members of the Shia tribe (White 16).
The opposition is dominated by members of the Sunni tribe, a situation that has led to an increase in foreign interference in the course of the war. For example, in 2013, the Hezbollah terrorist group joined the civil war to fight alongside government forces and defeat the Sunni dominated opposition forces. As the war progresses, its impacts have been felt beyond the borders of Syria, spilling to neighboring countries, which are currently, faced with major insecurity challenges.
Lebanon, a country with the longest borderline with Syria is considered as one of the few neighboring countries that have significantly been affected by the civil war. As a result, the Syrian conflict has had significant security challenges to Lebanon as the fight has virtually spilt into the country. This has further affected the economy and the healthcare sector in the country as major basic and social amenities are suspended as has been witnessed in the war torn Syria (Dahi 12).
Despite the ravaging ramification of the Syrian internal conflict, scholars have made little effort to bring to the fore its effects to peace and stability in neighboring countries. Efforts have concentrated on how the war has affected the social and economic stability of Syria and how the Assad and opposition ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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