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Connection Between Surf, Spirituality And Media - Speech or Presentation Example

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Surfing is not just any ordinary sport but it has certain spiritual connections. It brings about and evokes the spirituality within individuals. Surfing helps to rejuvenate the connections and oneness with the cosmology…
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Connection Between Surf, Spirituality And Media
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Download file to see previous pages Surfing brings about and evokes the spirituality within individuals. Surfing helps to rejuvenate the connections and oneness with the cosmology. It helps to link the surfer with the positive energy that persists in the world. Another experience that surfers share which evokes spirituality in them is friendly relation and bond they develop for the various aquatic species that reside within the ocean. Some suffers have also reported that they have experienced communication between various aquatic species that on various occasions when they were on the shore in solitude waiting for the right moment to hit the waves. It is also assumed that the spiritual connection that surfers go through also causes them to develop a sense of responsibility in them to save and protect the marine life that resides in water. Today, many organizations have been established that help surfers to gather on a platform, make them aware of their responsibility towards the aquatic life and also to acknowledge them that the sport they play has a religious point of view too which means that surfing is not merely an experience but it has certain religious perspective....
Spirituality is something within or at times is sought. These days spirituality is obtained through various means. One of them is through sports. When a surfer hits the waves, he comes in contact with the forces of nature that persist. The waves drive him to the shore. On his entire quest on the waves he is in direct contact with nature, the surfer is eventually following the course of nature. Indulging in the waves, he finds his way to the shore which portrays a real experience; a man enters this temporary and fake world. Gets involved in various activities, those who seek the path of God and patiently wait for their reward finally stand victorious like a surfer after hitting the high waves comes back to the shore same way a man continues his journey in this world and the world after. Kreeft in his essay on surfing and spirituality states that "The key elements in the symbolism are pretty clear: I, the surfer, am—myself. The body with which I surf in the sea symbolizes the soul, with which I "surf" in God. The sea is God. The beach is the approach to God. Surfing is the experience of God, or the spiritual life" (Kreeft, Surfing and spirituality). This is a very precise way to explain surfing and spirituality. Media plays a very important role when it comes to the reinforcement of sustainability as a principal part of surf mentality. This is an all-inclusivemeasure—the magazines and videos featuring professional surfers cannot be shallow and focus only on surfing. Sustainability needs to come up more frequently than once a year in the magazines, for example, in the “green” issue. Surf media affects the youth: many individuals were influenced by surfing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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