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The aim of the paper “Positive Effects of Media Exposure to Children” is to evaluate a significant role of media in social acceptance irrespective of the children’s cultural background. Children’s exposure to media criticized at different levels for inculcating negative attitudes and behavior…
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Positive Effects of Media Exposure to Children
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Positive effects of media exposure to children; Among the many benefits media plays a significant role in shaping a child’s emotional development, this can either sad or happiness as depicted by the TV characters, subsequently, media also plays a role in promoting positive virtues and behaviors among children depending on the content they are exposed to. (Rideout & Hamel, 2006). As families watch TV together, children increasingly enhance their social interaction. Additionally, among diverse cultural and ethnic set, media plays a significant in social acceptance irrespective of the children’s cultural background. (Halberstaadt, Denham, & Dunsmore, 2001)
Negative influence of media on children
Children’s exposure to media criticized at different levels for inculcating negative attitudes, behavior and virtues in children. Among these negative effects include; Children’s exposure to scary programs like Harry Porter invoke long term fear and anxiety on these children with recent studies supporting that these children are at risk of suffering post-traumatic stress. (Bushman & Gibson, 2010).
Other studies by Bryant et al (1981) also support that long-term exposure of children to media promotes perpetual fear, which impairs children’s concept of social reality especially through programs that advance violence related themes. Uncontrolled media content progressively aired on media gives children an opportunity to access adult restricted films with sexual themes through marketing and advertising efforts decays the moral concept of children. (Association, 2012); (Pediatrics, 2010) Children also acquire aggressive behavior as they are exposed to violent programs by adopting antisocial behavior. (Halberstaadt, Denham, & Dunsmore, 2001)
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