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The Effects of Media on Kids - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper contains the annotated bibliography of articles about the effects of media on kids such as "Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents, and the Media", "Writing the Child in Media Theory" and "Children and their Changing Media Environment: A European Comparative Study"…
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The Effects of Media on Kids
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Extract of sample "The Effects of Media on Kids"

Download file to see previous pages 3. Bovill, M., & Livingstone, S. M. (2001) Children and their Changing Media Environment: A European Comparative Study. Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates* (Accessed through the NetLibrary database)
This book is interesting because it gives a European perspective on the relationship between children and the Media which might be useful as a comparison with American children and might also provide new areas to consider in the American situation. It looks both at the changing position of the child in society and the changing role of the media in society.
This book looks at attempts to censor rock and rap music to protect children from violent or offensive lyrics. The collection of articles looks at the debate of freedom of expression against the need to keep children safe and shifts between regarding censorship as a useful way to protect children on one side, and adult censoring of children’s music as ‘cultural conservatism’ on the other side.
This book looks specifically at the media in the US, rather than a broad Anglophone perspective like the other books. It looks at all media, not just TV and is a survey of children and teenagers in the US. It is useful because it looks at the different effects of different types of media on children and so is broader than the other books. It is from a media studies perspective.
This book examines how children invent make-believe worlds and in particular how their daily experiences make part of their imaginary worlds. The media is seen as a strong influence on children in this book and shows how the media is very central to children’s lives and is very subtle in how it enters children’s consciousness. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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