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This paper is about the negative effects of social media on youth. It is very important theme nowadays, because we have unlimited internet and many TV channels. Ever since its evolution over the last two decades, social media has taken the world by storm…
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Negative effect of social media on youth
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The Negative Effect of Social Media on Youth
Today I shall talk about the negative effects of social media on youth. Ever since its evolution over the last two decades, social media has taken the world by storm. Every few weeks, a new form of platform or gadget is introduced to us where apart from the main features of the gadget, one of the key roles played by them is thriving social media. Be it a laptop, SMART TV, or SMART phone, gadgets are valued for the extent to which they can provide the users with access to social media. While we all have, in one way or another, tried to engage more and more with social media, have we also ever taken a moment to wonder how our interaction with social media might be affecting us, and particularly, our youth negatively?
Social media negatively affects our youth on two fundamental levels, physical and emotional. The physical effects of social media appear in the form of deterioration of health, whereas the emotional effects of use of social media reflect in the bad behavior of the youth. Social media disengages the audience from the real world and provides them with a fake sense of engagement with the virtual world. This inculcates dangerous tendency in the immature young viewers to practice the criminal and violent acts they watch in the virtual world in the real world. Social media penetrates the privacy of the audience. Many users of social networking sites, by mistake, upload private pictures and videos, and before they realize, it gets too late.
The most dangerous form of social media is the consumer generated media because it equips the users to interact with it. For example, young users of social networking sites openly comment upon and share articles and posts that they find interesting which might even be against their personal or national interest. Everything happens in such a casual way that the users do not even realize the gravity of their actions.
The physical effects of social media on youth are no less apparent than the emotional effects. It would not be exaggeration to state that social media is partly responsible for the growing rate of obesity among the young adults in America as well as all over the world. Young people spend so much time using social media that they hardly find any time to do physical activities. To make it even worse, the popular culture among young users of social media is to have junk food while using social media.
An even more dangerous effect of social media on the youth is that it provides depressed people with an interesting way to engage themselves. Depressed audience engages so much in the fake programmes that it becomes almost impossible for them to find pleasure in the real life activities. Everything seems so secondary and basic in comparison to the glitz and glamour of the social media.
Other notable effects of social media on youth include cyber bulling, increased criminal tendencies in the audience, loss of privacy, victimization to scam, and because of different reasons, loss of friendship as well. Read More
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