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Article of Jennifer A Colemans - Essay Example

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The essay "Article of Jennifer A Coleman’s" describes the societal stereotyping due to a person’s weight or body type. Besides, the author describes her desire to change is thus not prompted by any attempt at self-improvement but a try at not being singled out…
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Article of Jennifer A Colemans
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Extract of sample "Article of Jennifer A Colemans"

Download file to see previous pages I can vouch for the validity of this argument since most females I come into contact with are always complaining about how ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’ they look. This sort of thinking can be potentially damaging to the human psyche. In the concluding paragraph, Coleman states how discrimination on grounds of religion, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation are not tolerated with severe consequences for, for example, employers treating their employees this way. She laments that discrimination due to weight is not only tolerated, fat people are taught to accept it as their due, the whole thing being reinforced by the attitudes of people in our daily lives. I can relate to this sort of singling out and do agree that such ‘offenders’ are allowed to go unpunished. A joke about fat or over-weight people is as disturbing and as wrong as a racial comment. I also agree with Coleman when she says that such behavior should not be tolerated, though I must admit I am not overly fussed when such remarks are directed towards me. Finally, I want to state that a person’s body type or their weight is not an indicator of their personality. People should eat healthily and stay fit for their own sake and not because they want to please others. The main difference between Coleman’s approach and mine, when it comes to this issue, is that I do not take the opinion of others so personally, nor do I think it is my duty to conform according to what society tells me. If one is comfortable in their own self, there is no way society can make one feel bad. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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