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Reflecting on Strategic Innovation by Jennifer Kho - Article Example

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This paper 'Reflecting on Strategic Innovation by Jennifer Kho" focuses on the fact that the topic of the article is very interesting and important. Sustainability is an emerging concern globally and it is indeed a welcome move that companies are realizing its significance. …
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Reflecting on Strategic Innovation by Jennifer Kho
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Extract of sample "Reflecting on Strategic Innovation by Jennifer Kho"

It was noticed that the report did not indicate whether there was a literature review in the research. The methodology used in the study was quite vague because there was no mention of the profile of the respondents and how they were chosen.
The article was effective in disseminating information that at the forefront of sustainability are those organizations which have a direct impact on the environment such as the energy and utilities companies and automobile firms. Implications of the focus of companies to sustainability were not extensively discussed. Quotes from Kiron and Main provide credence to the article (Kho, par 4 & 6).
There were no ethical issues addressed in the study. No future research is suggested in the article. On the whole, however, one can say that the research offered new information with regards to how companies are giving importance to sustainability. An area of improvement that one can propose is for the author to give more relevant data on the methodology to prove the validity of the findings.   Read More
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Reflecting on Strategic Innovation by Jennifer Kho Article.
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