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Knowledge Assessment - Essay Example

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Knowledge Assessment Name of the Student: Name of Professor: Course: Date: Introduction In this paper, the researcher will try to answer five questions which related to varied dimensions of management. The researcher will take conjectural view in order to answer the questions in order to reduce the scope of subjectivity while answering the questions…
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Knowledge Assessment
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Download file to see previous pages These scholars also argued that a creative person is able to develop a new process even from ordinary setting and able to evolve a new process in accordance with the macro-environmental requirements. However, Kafetsios and Zampetakis (44; 710-20) argued that it is not possible to achieve innovation for organizations without taking help of creative minds. George and Zhou (87; 687-97) showed doubt over the mechanistic definition of organizational learning and they pointed out that an organization cannot learn by itself hence creativity in organization is sole function of individual personality trait of leaders and organizational members. Organization is a living thing and organizational members are integrated part of this living system. Hence, it can be surmised that creative personality trait of organizational members create the scope for knowledge sharing, learning from mistakes and ultimately achieve innovation. In such context, four different personality traits which can bring creativity can be identified in the following manner; Figure 1: Personality Trait (Source: Zampetakis, Kafetsios, Bouranta, Dewett and Moustakis 597) According to figure 1, personal traits such as proactive mentality, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship intensions and assertive intellectual drive can help a person to perform creative behavior in the workplace. For example, proactive mentality helps the person to take responsibility in contingent situation and show the drive for thinking in new way, entrepreneurship intensions help the person to show the penchant for building new enterprise or new process, emotional intelligence helps the person to understand and respect the suggestion of team members formulating a new process and assertive intellectual drive helps the individual to solve emerging problems by deploying skill and talent. Developing a new idea in organizations by using creativity instinct is a systematic and stepwise process and these steps can be defined as, 1- identifying the problem by discussing with team members, 2- collecting information related to the solution of the problem from internal and external environment using both primary and secondary sources, 3- organizing brainstorming session with team members regarding the potential solution for the problem and selecting the optimal solution by using knowledge sources and 4- implementing the solution in order to bring creativity in the organizational. For example, an oil company can innovate or integrate its upstream and downstream activities in order to reduce the cost of operation. Hence, it can be said that organizational creativity is an inside-out approach which depends heavily on personality trait of organizational members. Question 2 (Option B-Mindfulness) Weick and Sutcliffe (17.4; 514-24) defined mindfulness as the inherent capability of an individual and organization to generate rich awareness regarding the details of the ongoing events and decide plausible actions to correct probable errors in the decision making. Hence, mindfulness can be defined as mixture of cognitive processes such as, giving attention to the detail, relying on past categories to assess the present situation and eying one single perspective of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Knowledge Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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