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There is a total dis-connect between your essay and my reading-list/seminar material/ case-studies /lectures. In addition I think you…
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Current Issues in Business Ethics and CSR
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Download file to see previous pages See the comments alongside the text for detail about course material that really would have been useful support for points you make.
You also throw away 10% of the marks available by not writing a self-reflection on your class group presentation. Of the 60 or so students on the module you are just about the only one not to submit a self-reflection- why?
"This feedback is being given for purposes of advice and guidance and to assist your learning and development in this module. References to standards or marks are entirely provisional and subject to confirmation following University procedures. Only University Assessment Boards are able to issue confirmed, definitive marks”
“The problem with sweatshops is that there are not enough of them”(Jeffrey Sachs “The End of Poverty”). In light of the Rana Plaza Bangladesh sweatshop fire that killed 1,100 people (2013) is it wrong to love sweatshops?
Business ethics involves the concept of social responsibility towards the stakeholders. The stakeholders include the investors, customers, workforce, and government. They are those people who are involved in the corporate processes and also are impacted from the corporate decisions and any changes that happen in the corporate. Corporate stakeholders are also those people who can affect the corporate decisions and functioning as well (Werther & Chandler et al, 2010). Stakeholders, especially the workforce needs to be given equal opportunities and their rights must not be violated. The workforce drives the corporate functions, especially the people that work in the lower classes as in sweatshops. These groups of people follow orders and work for the production of goods for the company functioning for long hours in a day. The stakeholders of a company need to be satisfied and their demands have to met at all times (Werther & Chandler et al, 2010). This is because as mentioned earlier they are very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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