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Business ethics - Term Paper Example

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Business Ethics Business Background Waste Management incorporation is one of the largest waste disposal firms in the United States and the world. It is located in North America with its headquarters at Houston, Texas…
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Business ethics
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"Business ethics"

Download file to see previous pages This company has segmented its geographic environment into five regions, which include the Southern, Eastern, Western and Midwestern United States and Canada. All these regions are headed by a senior vice president. The company is also run by a board of directors and a chief executive officer. In addition, Waste Management Incorporation has subsidiaries, Waste Management Recycle America and Wheelabrator Technologies Incorporation, which are headed by a president. The company provides waste gathering, transportation, and reprocessing and disposal services. Waste Management incorporation carries on its activities as the world leader in waste management that range from medical and solid waste to extremely poisonous chemical waste. This organization has in the past been experiencing growth and increase in stock prices at healthy rates (Waste Management 1). The waste management industry has numerous players, with Waste Management Incorporation being the biggest player. It has a market share of 32 percent in both United States and Canada. Over the past four years, the company has witnessed net income decrease from $962M to $817M (Waste Management 1). ...
ME 2,020.0 1,982.0 2,082.0 2,001.0 Interest Expense -426.0 -473.0 -481.0 -488.0 Interest and Investment Income 13.0 4.0 8.0 4.0 Other Non-Operating Expenses, Total -1.0 -16.0 -35.0 -48.0 Other Non-Operating Income (Expenses) 48.0 23.0 -8.0 13.0 Merger & Restructuring Charges -50.0 2.0 -20.0 -67.0 Gain (Loss) on Sale of Investments -5.0 -- -- -16.0 Other Unusual Items, Total -78.0 132.0 -34.0 -83.0 EBT, INCLUDING UNUSUAL ITEMS 1,473.0 1,631.0 1,520.0 1,303.0 Income Tax Expense 413.0 629.0 511.0 443.0 Minority Interest in Earnings -66.0 -49.0 -48.0 -43.0 Earnings from Continuing Operations 1,060.0 1,002.0 1,009.0 860.0 NET INCOME 994.0 953.0 961.0 817.0 NET INCOME TO COMMON INCLUDING EXTRA ITEMS 994.0 953.0 961.0 817.0 NET INCOME TO COMMON EXCLUDING EXTRA ITEMS 994.0 953.0 961.0 817.0 Balance Sheet (Waste Management 1) Currency in Millions of US Dollars As of: Dec 31 2009 Dec 31 2010 Dec 31 2011 Dec 31 2012 Assets         Cash and Equivalents 1,140.0 539.0 258.0 194.0 Trading Asset Securities 13.0 1.0 -- -- TOTAL CASH AND SHORT TERM INVESTMENTS 1,153.0 540.0 258.0 194.0 Accounts Receivable 1,408.0 1,510.0 1,631.0 1,737.0 Other Receivables 119.0 146.0 144.0 102.0 Inventory 110.0 130.0 153.0 174.0 Other Current Assets 104.0 116.0 115.0 140.0 TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS 3,010.0 2,482.0 2,379.0 2,423.0 NET PROPERTY PLANT AND EQUIPMENT 11,541.0 11,868.0 12,242.0 12,651.0 Long-Term Investments 32.0 508.0 710.0 667.0 Goodwill 5,632.0 5,726.0 6,215.0 6,291.0 Other Intangibles 238.0 295.0 457.0 397.0 Other Long-Term Assets 701.0 597.0 566.0 668.0 TOTAL ASSETS 21,154.0 21,476.0 22,569.0 23,097.0         LIABILITIES & EQUITY         Accounts Payable 567.0 692.0 838.0 842.0 Accrued Expenses 1,100.0 1,085.0 1,078.0 938.0 Current Portion of Long-Term Debt/Capital Lease 749.0 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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