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Portfolio Part A - Review - Article Example

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Griffin tried to establish a bridge through which a communication passed can reach the destination of civilization. As number of rhetoric have arranged and devised a method that has limited the scope of disciplines of communication beyond…
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Portfolio Part A - Article Review
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Extract of sample "Portfolio Part A - Review"

Portfolio-A What was the main objective of the article? The Jennifer Emerling and Mr. Griffin tried to establish a bridge through which a communication passed can reach the destination of civilization. As number of rhetoric have arranged and devised a method that has limited the scope of disciplines of communication beyond persuasion. The main objective of writers was to explore six critiques on invitational rhetoric and devise a concept that by considering those critiques, invitational rhetoric and civility both can be used as the medium to communicate when needed.
How did the authors go about investigating the issue?
When authors realized the challenge to strict the definition of rhetoric as persuasion they asked the rhetoric scholars to explore other forms of rhetoric thoughts which was then told “invitational rhetoric”. Invitational rhetoric was a civil approach. Issue was also sorted out by simply studying the critiques on rhetoric concepts and difficulties in addressing the medium which scopes were limited by rhetoric concepts.
What were the main findings?
In this journal traditional definitions of rhetoric thoughts were challenged and then examined as the invitational rhetoric concepts. These concepts of invitation rhetoric were considered as civil approach even up till now. They carried the theory given by Griffin and Foss 1995 and described as a different and a unique type of communication that had gone beyond rhetoric as persuasion. Another main finding was that invitational rhetoric was adopted to have an exchange of information in the environment based on equality, value and civility.
Make at least five (5) suggestions as to how this article might be improved.
Studies result better when work with many other researchers in the field. The authors could have worked with more theories related to civil approach communication. The search related to feminism could also have been included to high the studies of this article. As it is talked about exchange of information in in-equal environment a lot in this article so the primary data collection and interpretation would have helped a lot in the obtaining of true results. Read More
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Portfolio Part A - Article Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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