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Analysis of Tuccis and Peters article: Media Influences on body satisfaction in female students - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Analysis of Tucci’s and Peters article: Media Influences on body satisfaction in female students Media activities do not only inform the society about occurrences but also influences human perceptions. Tucci and Peter (2008:521) observed in their article that media activities influenced the behaviour of the college female students…
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Analysis of Tuccis and Peters article: Media Influences on body satisfaction in female students
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Tuccis and Peters article: Media Influences on body satisfaction in female students"

Download file to see previous pages The societal models presented through the media shapes human attitudes, which include eating attitudes, dressing models, and body shape among other social behaviours (Tanofsky-Kraff, 2004). Women demonstrate the influence of media materials through their response that tend to lean the media article. For instance, magazines, which feature lifestyle issues, influence women attitudes. The author hypothesised that women exposed to slender images would demonstrate lower body satisfaction score. It is evident from the study that eating habits, which the article explores, faces influence from slender media images (Dittmar and Howard, 2004:479). Eating history of the student participant is evidence that asserts the study hypothesis, which intended to create a relationship between the media slender images and eating habits among the college students. The concept of satisfaction means a lot to women in relation to their body shapes. Many women believe that their body shape speaks much about their eating habits (Hawkins, 2004:38). The study observed that women who read magazine practiced habits that gave rise to slender images that they observe in the media. Media description of images is another factor that influences women cultural practices. For instance, stories covered on the magazine about eating disorders tend to dictate the probable habits that a woman would take. The object of the study was to show methodological problems that influenced the outcome of previous research on same topic. The model that the research took illustrates the interest of the research because they seem to explain inadequacies of the previous research. It is probable that the previous research did not address factors such as perfectionism and ineffectiveness in relation to human believes. People demonstrate personal achievement through practices, which they believe satisfy their egos. In the same way, female students demonstrate concern to body size or eating habit because it influences their ideology of perfection. Idea of women satisfaction depends on the physical image of the body (Hill, 2006:380). Models of celebrities used in the study created reactions that the study adduced to the concept of satisfaction. I think the influence or the interpretation of the celebrity images is a concern of body satisfaction. First, celebrities are creatures that subject the social world to some imagination. The perception developed when figuring the celebrity images would dictate attitude concerning lifestyle (Tanofsky-Kraff, 2004:72). The author pointed other studies, which sited media influences on social habits. Such studies include the work of Vaughan and Fouts (2003) which argued that 90% of model women demonstrated low weight. Other works, which demonstrate the influence of media, include arguments about risks that would occur due to eating disorder (Derenne and Beresin, 2006:260). However, projection offered by these early studies had flaws. The flaws observed offers a myriad information about the about women representation on satisfactions and dissatisfaction in the society. The study borrowed arguments from previous work to develop the basis of comparison. Disapproving or approving a previous concept means comparing a previous argument with the current argument. This work subjects finding of previous researchers into test. The findings of the current study thus ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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