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For Proposed Research Topic: The influence of gender role conformity on male/female body image satisfaction - Literature review Example

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(2004) stated that it only takes one a single look at kids’ toys to spot that there are different gender-stereotyped cultural ideals for men and women. Both men and women have different body image ideals that are compatible with their traditional gender roles…
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Literature Review for Proposed Research Topic: The influence of gender role conformity on male/female body image satisfaction
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Extract of sample "For Proposed Research Topic: The influence of gender role conformity on male/female body image satisfaction"

Download file to see previous pages (2004) in their research generally confirmed that men exhibit substantial body satisfaction levels. Men always perceive themselves to be a bit more muscular than their real body sizes. They argued that if men were asked to choose the bodies that they would like to have, they would choose a body with more muscles and less fat levels than their actual bodies. This variation between body ideal and body reality of men is also found in other studies (Furnham, Badmin & Sneade, 2002). As noted in this study, the striking difference between the actual and desired muscularity of men may reflect media and societal pressures on current men to have a more muscular body.
Olivardia et al. (2004) also stated that men if asked they can choose a body that has a perceived womans idea. Again, this study is similar to other studies that suggested that men think that women want them to have more muscular bodies. This study also gives an argument that modern men must achieve a muscular and unrealistically lean body due to modern societal pressures.
In general, the findings of this study highly support the notion of early researches that there is a large difference between body ideal and body reality in contemporary young men. The authors also outline the relationship between body image, eating disturbances, and depression. They argue that body satisfaction is highly associated with eating disorders, depression, and self-esteem. Although the literature about the image of the body in men remains limited, the authors of this research have tried to show how societal and media pressures are currently influencing male’s body image satisfaction. The finding in their article suggests that modern men show substantial body dissatisfaction. This dissatisfaction is nearly associated with gender roles, depression, eating disorders, and low esteem. The findings also emphasise the notion that contemporary men are laboring under the influence of media and societal pressures. The article ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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