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The human species, being the most intelligent life form on Earth is unfortunately more prone to disorders of the mind due to this very quality of intelligence. The complexity and diversity of human life, especially in the fast paced technological environment that exists today is…
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Nursing literature review
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Download file to see previous pages Although each society tries to churn out perfect human beings, the myriad influences of genes, environment and social factors begin to influence the personality of its members in diverse manners, which may develop in the right direction, or undergo some aberration in the process leading to abnormalities. Anxiety and depression are being encountered with increasing frequency due to this interplay and are therefore an intense topic for study and research in today’s society. Endeavors to overcome such disorders have been made through religious efforts, social counseling as well as the tools of modern medicine. The various factors leading to depression and others which reinforce or reduce it are discussed in the following paragraphs.
It has been encountered in society that certain individuals are more prone to depression than others. Some people are able to overcome the intimidations of modern society in a more effective manner. The reason for the existence of such differences has led to research in this direction which has generated a number of controversial theories and mechanisms. One such hypothesis suggests that it might be due to the influence of early relational experiences during the developmental stages, which activate the hypophysial-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis in an adverse manner (Beatson & Taryan, 2003). Any adverse or intimidating event in later life can trigger depression in such individuals. The basis for the predisposition to depression therefore involves a biochemical process which has been investigated by the authors (Beatson & Taryan, 2003). In a qualitative analysis of literature pertaining to the biochemical basis for predisposition to depression, the authors have compartmentalized the literature available into sections which substantiate the facts of this hypothesis in animal models as well as human beings. The authors have presented evidence for the genetic predisposition in some individuals to be more prone to being ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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