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This essay describes the most common reason for which individuals are being treated these days, that is depression. The researcher focuses on analyzing the current scenario of disease, listing out the possible etiological agents for the disease and reviewing the possible treatments…
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Download file to see previous pages reatment, like headaches, digestive disorders and chronic pain Besides it has been observed that depression is not just about feeling down, but there can be marked anger and resentment leading to violent behavior. In severe cases of depression, there are psychotic symptoms resulting in hallucinations and delusional behavior. Depression in today’s society: Depression has become a major cause of concern in today’s society because of the increasing number of incidences among all age groups and of suicide as a result of depression. In America alone, more than 19 million people suffer from depression, and it is considered to be the primary cause of disability in the world (Hasselbring, 2012). Depression is more common among women than men; however, it should not be ignored among men either. It is said that about twenty five percent of women suffer from depression and need to take medical treatment for it at least once in their lifetime (Hasselbring, 2012). It has been said that around 1 in 20 people suffer from major or ‘clinical’ depression at any one time (Mind, 2012). Besides, the prevalence among young ones of the disorder has been on a rise. It has been said that at least 1 in 33 children suffer from depression (Marion, 2012). It is especially important in case of children because most cases go undiagnosed that lead to problems in development of children. It is easier for adults to deal with these problems compared to children. What is alarming is the fact that at an age when even the concept of death and life is not well developed depression leads to suicidal tendencies even among children. “Suicide is the sixth leading cause of death for children aged five to fifteen. Over the past thirty years the suicide rate has increased 300% and of those people who...
The researcher states that it is not just the elders but also the young ones who suffer from depression these days. It has become a lifestyle disorder, and has been associated with the changing lifestyle of individuals which put them under higher mental pressure leading to depression. Depression is also associated with the higher number of suicide rates. Under the current scenario, the researcher analyzes that it has become highly important to understand the issue of depression, to assess it as a clinical disease and then search for the appropriate therapeutic approach for the disease. This essay aims to concisely present the current scenario of disease, listing out the possible etiological agents for the disease and reviewing the possible treatments that have been suggested for the disease. Despite being said the most treatable mental disorder, there is very little known about how depression occurs and there is absence of a treatment that makes sure depression does not occur. On the other hand, it can be argued that the society is too obsessed with becoming happy and ignoring other emotions that are just as normal as feeling happy. Besides, due to decreased tolerance to stress and a changing lifestyle people experiences more blues and are more depressed. In such condition it is debatable whether we need to find a cure for depression and what should be the right treatment for it if it is a disease. It is concluded though that further research needs to be conducted in this area to gather a better understanding of the issue. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Researchers have produced copious amount of literature in order to highlight the various issues faced by clients suffering from depression and based on the findings covered in the literature, substance abuse is by far the biggest problem that individual suffering from depression experience.
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Depression was initially recognized as melancholia disorder, which became common during the ancient or the medieval period. It became well recognized as clinical depression or simply depression and it has been for a long time linked with stress. Depression is among the most widespread psychological diseases affecting many people globally.
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The definition of depression has defined differently in different cultures and has been accompanied extreme pain and headaches. The etiological factors of the disease are not well defined, however, there have been some researches linking depression to genetic and epigenetic factors (Beck & Alford, 2009).
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We also find these characteristics in depression today (Nestler et al., 2002). As per the estimation and based on epidemiological data 2-5% of U.S. population is suffering from severe form of depression while 20% have mild form of diseases (Eric J. Nestler, 2002).
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A general definition of the word as it applies to an emotional state is “a state of feeling sad” (Merriam-Webster 2009). While this commonly accepted definition of depression gives a general impression of the term, the word actually implies a
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Thus the normal psychology of the person is affected (Depression). Depression is inviting public concern as it is affecting millions of people. Almost 10% of the adults are
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All smiling faces do not always imply happiness, and the lack of tears does not mean that everything is well. Many people have fallen in the trap of pretending that all is well when actually they know that is not the case. Huge numbers of people across all genders, ages and walks of life are suffering from depression.
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However, there are a significant number of social psychological, as well as environmental danger signs for developing depression. In addition, some are certainly predominant in one sexual category or the other, or in
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Thus, amalgamating information from various articles that details the findings of research conducted on depression among the elderly presents one of the major ways of getting information about the disorder. Depression is a major disorder that affects all kinds of people in
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Neurotransmitters include adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline. It is essential to note that the noradrenaline is the noradrenergic system and receptors that are specific to
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