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Depression in adolescence - Research Paper Example

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This type of disorder is difficult to recognize. In girls, it is noted that unipolar depressive disorder rises after puberty. After a girl becomes a full adolescent, the one year…
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Depression in adolescence
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Download file to see previous pages Sex hormones, inherited risks, psychological adversity and developmental factors interact in increasing risks through related perturped neutral pathways and hormonal factors. Eventhough there are many similarities between depression in adulthood and depression in adolescence, in adolescent depression, one of the concerns is the use of antidepressants and clinical management opinions are divided. There are available treatments that are effective, but the choices are reliant on available resources and severity of depression.
Unipolar depressive disorder as one of the common health problems has a calculated one year prevalence of 4 to 5 percent in mid adolescence and late adolescence. Depression in adolescence is one of the reasons for suicide that is the leading death cause among the adolescents. Many adolescents who have been reported to be suicide victims are viewed to have depressive disorder. Moreover, depression leads to educational and social impairments. It also leads to substance misuse, obesity and an increased smoking rate. It is important to recognize unipolar depressive disorder and know how to treat it (Rey, J., & Birmaher, 2009).
Depression is a precise symptom that has an associated impairment. The diagnostic and clinical features of the Unipolar depressive disorder are broadly the same in adults and adolescents. Adolescents depression is commonly missed than depression in adults. This is due to the changing symptoms in adolescents, irritability prominence and mood reactivity. Also, depression can be missed if the main presented issues are eating disorders, substance misuse, physical symptoms that cannot be explained, anxiety, behavioral problems or academic performance decline (Rey, J., & Birmaher, 2009). In some instances, adolescence depression can be seen as a form of adult disorder due to the solid links it has with reappearance in life later.
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