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Communication and interaction within married couples at church - Essay Example

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Communication and Interaction: Marking Married Couples at Church Name of Student/Author Institutional Affiliation INTRODUCTION In the current state of affairs, it has come to notice that a large number of problems are originating in the society. Amongst these gigantic issues is the extremely important subject of marital problems…
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Communication and interaction within married couples at church
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Download file to see previous pages This problem depends upon a number of factors, which are both communicational and condemnatory. The principles that underline the seriousness of this problem include blocks like lack of communication, age factor with relevance to immaturity, lack of decision making skills, insensitiveness, early child care situations, and lack of awareness. This prime and most pondered upon issue is being spread like fire all around the researches in contemporary literature, which is why a basis of this issue with reference to its illustration through research will be provided. It is believed that in order for human beings to survive in a society, it is necessary for them to communicate. Is that why man is a social animal? To be accurate, it is true and very much factual. Human beings cannot survive if they are unable to communicate and lack interpersonal skills. Communication skills can be defined as ‘That situation in which a source transmits a message to a receiver with conscious intent to affect the latter’s behavior.’ This specifies that the process of expressing thoughts and messages through language or actions is called communication. Hence, it verifies that without the help of communication, human beings cannot continue to exist; especially without speech, because it is thought to be exceedingly imperative as we need to slot in and complete very complex everyday jobs involving collaboration. To validate that proper communication you should be is indispensable; Bach & Grant (2009) said “There are times, though, when we experience situations where we consider that an interaction did not go smoothly; perhaps we were misunderstood or a friend reacted differently to how we expected.” Explaining the importance of communication between couples, another important term with reference to communication, is ‘nonverbal communication skills’; these skills are meant to make the communicator feel safe, respected, and understood. Petersen (2007) has verified “Listening to understand requires a non-judgmental attitude that can go against what most of us were taught, that is, to listen for rights and wrongs.” Therefore, the aspect which has been selected for influencing problems that married couples face is lack of communication. Communication students can directly relate to this topic, as it verifies how lack of communication could reform the society and how these students can elucidate its reach. The fact that problems couples face after marriage has immersed in almost all societies, and what is more essential for elaboration is the fact that it is spontaneously shifting its frame of totality in all societies, which makes it perplexed to be analyzed in a specified precinct. Hence, this problem, its effectiveness and its causes are under assessment with the help of reviewing literature and a qualitative research method. It has been formulated that misunderstandings between couples emerge due to the fact that men and women communicate differently. Instead of communicating with each other, couples tend to talk to others about it and do not gain the idea that this would not solve problems. What needs to be pondered upon is that while staying on this path, couples become hopeless and verify that communication is of no use. Rather than making each other understand the issues they are facing, couples move towards differences which lead to problems like divorces and separations. The specified reason that this topic has been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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