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Learning team reflection - 460 - Assignment Example

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Significantly, human behavior is one of the core aspects in environmental psychology as it relates to the physical environment in many ways; however, the communication and interaction among people is not primary in this branch of psychology. All the same, environmental…
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Learning team reflection - 460
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LEARNING TEAM REFLECTION-460 Environmental Psychology and Human Behavior Significantly, human behavior is oneof the core aspects in environmental psychology as it relates to the physical environment in many ways; however, the communication and interaction among people is not primary in this branch of psychology. All the same, environmental psychology has had a paramount impact on my behavior and habit in diverse physical backgrounds; for instance, I find myself easily adapting to settings that I initially could not. I can now easily trace ethics, likings and implications regarding the environment and myself; e.g. I get to work more than usual in hot days despite the weariness and sweat because am aware of how climate in a particular environment affects people’s traits. Moreover, now I have the anxiety of applying environmental psychology for the purpose of improved life and growth of the mind; largely, applying it promotes awareness in how I relate with people around me.
The most influential concepts are those that relate to environments with abnormal locales. Almost every person is knows that the habitats of animals affect their ways but it also affects human behavior just as much. Large crowds or growth in population can result to nonstandard behavior in people such as hostility or variation in how they behave normally; moreover, in a gathering, people’s instincts are dissimilar compared to when they are in their natural habitat. In conclusion, these different settings in a new environment lead to stress which results to the alterations causing hostility; additionally, large populations are relative to insanity as the number of people mentally ill in urban areas is very high. Read More
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