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Laser Triangulation for 3D Shape Estimation - Essay Example

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The project “Laser Triangulation for 3D Shape Estimation” was designed to bring forth a low-cost system that is capable of utilizing laser triangulation for 3D shape estimation and inspection of simple components. In designing this project, the groups went through a variety of process…
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Laser Triangulation for 3D Shape Estimation
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Download file to see previous pages Consequently, this case provides an in-depth critical and analytical overview of the processes followed in order to make the process a success. The areas to be accessed include the utilization of project planning and control methodologies, accounting structures, the efficiency of team building and application of formal management techniques in making the project productive.
In the first phase of project planning, the team made use of Gantt chart to help in effective mapping out of the activities considered critical for the completion. In which case, the team considered Gantt chart useful in giving a chance for aligning important tasks, which could be carried out in parallel; and most of all aligning them sequentially. The tasks were aligned in order of their completion, with the first to be finished put as the first. In which case, the first task was Task analysis, meant to take one day, and the last was reporting, which was meant to go for almost half of the duration required to complete the project. Through the Gantt chart, the team was able to evaluate the trade off on the basis of scope, cost and timescales meant for the project. As the result, the team was able to manipulate the end date of each task and that of the overall project to suit the resource constraints.
The group was efficient in controlling the resources used, through utilizing the three major aspects of a Gantt chart: predicted use of time, actual use of time, the deadline for submission. In this scenario, the team determined the activities which were deemed to be finished after the deadline; for instance, the team realized that they could not finish the final design in time to move on to the manufacturing state. Consequently, they had to apply proper management strategies to ensure that the slack time to be placed for the completion of the project did not interfere with the completion of subsequent activities.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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