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Learning Environment For Teaching The SQL Language - Case Study Example

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The paper "Learning Environment For Teaching The SQL Language" discusses the project that presents for student learners with the basics of SQL language and does so in a dynamic and technologically forward-looking manner that increases student absorption and retention of knowledge…
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Learning Environment For Teaching The SQL Language
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Extract of sample "Learning Environment For Teaching The SQL Language"

Download file to see previous pages Computer software, applications, and applets have only recently become a staple of education, evolving into the interactive internet-based e-curricula and e-classroom projects that are now commonly being implemented. Technology is also used to increase recruitment by spreading knowledge of programs and curriculums and to develop the relationships between students and instructors. Many various educational institutions and researchers are now developing new manners of conveying knowledge to students and receiving student feedback and gauge the learning process.
The primary objective of this project not to just present student learners with the basics of SQL(Structured Query Language) language, but to do so in a dynamic and technologically forward-looking manner that increases student absorption and retention of knowledge. The project focuses especially on code writing, and how the code is written to create basic structures such as tables and fields in the language of SQL that is often challenging to students as they begin their journey into the SQL language.
The objective of this project is to create a new learning environment to teach the SQL language, focusing on language fundamentals. Moreover, the project will serve to provide examples of all fundamental concepts in a context that is applicable to the student learner’s experience.
The application relies on the dynamic programming language PHP (Personal Home Page), MySQL database software, and the markup language HTML (HyperText Markup Language). These tools combine to form an interactive interface that will provide feedback, and allow student learners to make maximum progress in learning the SQL language.
The project will allow instructors to customize the learning experience by developing questions that target certain topics or areas of study, which can then be administered to students. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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