Teaching English to Arab Students - Assignment Example

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The present paper aims to identify the problems the teachers experience while teaching the Arab students English language skills. The main objective behind exploring the topic under examination includes the popularity of English language in the Arab speaking nations…
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Teaching English to Arab Students
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Download file to see previous pages Background of the Problem: It has frequently been observed that the Arab students, arriving in the modern countries, are seldom familiar with the English language altogether. It is partly due to the very fact that they have obtained their primary and elementary levels education in the native Arabic language, the patterns including sentence structure, grammar, composition and syntax etc are entirely different from English in all regards. Consequently, they have to undergo serious difficulties while learning English language skills (McCardle & Hoff, 2006, p.43). Not only this that the students find it very problematic and challenging one, but also the teachers also witness grave problems while making attempts to coach the Arabs how to read, write and speak English in order to complete their studies and obtain higher degrees as well (Ansari, 2012, p.2). Since the English speaking nations, particularly the USA and UK have made marvellous inventions in all fields of life, which have forced the entire world to learn their language in order to survive and cope up with the latest challenges modern life offers to man. Consequently, technological superiority and economic stabilities of some of the most developed English speaking nations serve as the major reasons that have urged the non-English speaking nations to learn English language skills, so that they could be in a position of taking advantages of the latest developments being made all around them. English is, Graddol submits, closely associated with the leading edge of global scientific, technological, economic and cultural developments, where it has been unrivalled in its influence in the late 20th century (2000, p.4). Thus, the achievements made by the English speaking nations in the fields of...
This essay stresses that the contemporary era is pertinently viewed to be the age of globalisation, where the activities being conducted in one region of the globe have their significant influence on even the remotest zones existing on the face of the earth. Technological advancements have played their decisive role in bringing the individuals and societies closer to each other in the wake of the inventions made in the field of science and technology including airplane, computer, the Internet and others, which have turned communication between the individuals very fast, simple and easy.
This paper makes a conclusion that it becomes evident that the present study has been conducted in a limited scenario, which concentrates upon the differences between the style, diction, syntax and pronunciation of Arabic and English languages on the one side, and the cultural variation between both the civilisations on the other. In addition, the present study has also confined its canvas to the initial hurdles that appear on the way to the Arab students while seeking education in English language. However, some other research could also be conducted on the same or similar topic that could make more elaboration of the grammatical and technical differences between the languages under examination for drawing out conclusions regarding the problems of the Arab students while ESL learning procedure, as well as the difficulties of the teachers to cope with the issue. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Teaching English to Arab Students Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/education/1479329-teaching-english-to-arab-students.
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