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The challenges facing kindergarten teachers to deal with children whom English is an addtional language - Essay Example

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This chapter reveals the qualitative meanings from 24 respondents who are kindergarten teachers that deal with children whom English is an additional language. The chapter is written in first person in order to demonstrate human action that is, to show an emotional connection…
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The challenges facing kindergarten teachers to deal with children whom English is an addtional language
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Extract of sample "The challenges facing kindergarten teachers to deal with children whom English is an addtional language"

Download file to see previous pages I preferred these types of questions because they are useful in obtaining in-depth information on the research question.
I purposely chose my participants based on two primary characteristics: 1) Were they teachers of kindergartens and 2) do they deal with children whom English is the second language. Upon introducing the research questions to a respondent, I gave out recent experiences of other teachers in other parts of the country along with the structured open-ended questions. The only delimitation in this data collection is that, the open-ended questionnaire did not collect the respondents’ first name, phone number, and the email address. In this case, I am unable to contact the respondents after the interview.
Majority of the respondents were females. The females were 17 whereas the males were seven. Studies indicate that many people expect feminine touch from a kindergarten teacher (Rimer, 2003). Men keep away from this job because it offers low pay and continues to tag the profession as women’s work. The few men that teach kindergartens are regarded as insufficiently masculine, gays or even pedophiles!
Majority of the respondents had a class size of 16 to 25 children. Four respondents had a class of 1 to 15 pupils, seven respondents had a class of 25 to 35 pupils, and the rest had a class of 16 to 25 pupils.
Kindergartens prefer a medium classroom size, of about 20 to 30 students. According to studies, teachers of medium sized classes can increase learning and narrow the achievement gap between ethnic and racial groups (Haimson, 2003). Pupils whom English is an additional language assigned to medium sized classes have been proven to achieve English language proficiency, receive better grades, and exhibit improved attendance (Haimson, 2003). Despite students with EAL benefiting a lot from medium-sized classrooms, most of them are more likely to be enrolled in bigger classes, say over 25 pupils. Experts believe medium sized ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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