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Interface Scenario: User Interface for a Portable Hand-Held Information Kiosk for Tourists at Hotels - Research Paper Example

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"Interface Scenario: User Interface for a Portable Hand-Held Information Kiosk for Tourists at Hotels" paper evaluates a Conceptual Model of a portable hand-held information kiosk for tourists at hotels. The aim is to demonstrate how this conceptual model is reflected in the designed interface…
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Interface Scenario: User Interface for a Portable Hand-Held Information Kiosk for Tourists at Hotels
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Extract of sample "Interface Scenario: User Interface for a Portable Hand-Held Information Kiosk for Tourists at Hotels"

Download file to see previous pages The information interface is implemented on the iphone 3GS, which can function as a regular mobile phone.

The identified group of users are male and female tourists aged above 18 years. The interface is designed to provide the tourists with navigation maps, information on their current location, details of a particular location – facts, history, restaurants, markets and shops – and tourist attractions or places of interest. The interface needs to be user-friendly so that it can be operated by any user without difficulty.

The conclusions are based on observation of the group of users and questionnaires given to them. The method of observation was used to gather data because observing the users as they operated the device led to a better understanding of how they used the device and the difficulties that they encountered. This would allow for future corrections or enhancements to the applications if required.

The portable hand-held information kiosk will be provided to tourists above 18 years of age, regardless of their gender, physical attributes, and nationality. The age limit would ensure responsible handling and use of the device.

The hardware used here is an iphone. This would ensure that the device is portable, light-weight, and easy to use; thereby, it would provide relevant information without hindering the tourists on their tours.

The device is an iphone 3GS featuring a multi-touch display for the user to search for the required information. The functions provided by the application would include adequate text and audio in any of the thirty-four different languages supported by the iPhone. (2) Thereby, tourists would find the interface user-friendly. Even users with very little knowledge of PDAs and applications would be able to operate it without assistance.

For visually impaired users, the gesture-based screen reader called VoiceOver would give an audio description of the item under the user’s finger-tip. (2) The audio may be heard in any one of the twenty-one different languages are spoken by VoiceOver. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Interface Scenario: User Interface for a Portable Hand-Held Research Paper.
(Interface Scenario: User Interface for a Portable Hand-Held Research Paper)
Interface Scenario: User Interface for a Portable Hand-Held Research Paper.
“Interface Scenario: User Interface for a Portable Hand-Held Research Paper”.
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