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At this stage, the consumer is essential in evaluating the final product hence the developer gets a feedback on the reaction of the…
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CS346-1501A-01 User Interface Design Phase 3 DB
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Benefits of Usability Test al Affiliation) In order to produce an effective user interface, usability test is required to ascertain the effectiveness of the product (Edrington 1999). At this stage, the consumer is essential in evaluating the final product hence the developer gets a feedback on the reaction of the targeted audience about the product. The main goal of usability test is whether there are any usability problems, the consumer reaction and satisfaction is always considered. This involves tests whereby the user performs different tasks to see how the task enhances ease and efficiency to users (Edrington 1999). The purpose of this paper is to highlight the different benefits of usability test and how effective it becomes when developing an application that utilizes one of the rapid application methodologies.
The most important reason for performing a usability test is to ensure that the design is what the user needs because there are very many websites and designs, which are very similar. Users always go for the easy and efficient websites, sites that are easy to use increase user satisfaction hence the company gets more users, and it also edges competition from their rivals.
The other importance of usability test is to check if the users get to complete their tasks successful and the time taken to complete the task.
It is at this stage, designers identify the need to alter the design with an aim of improving user performance and satisfaction. These tests also help to analyze the performance and check whether it meets its outlined objectives. However, a formal laboratory is not necessary to facilitate such tests, the most important part is that there should be a user and an observer who can be in the same room with the user or can alternatively use another. Portable recording equipment is not necessary for such scenarios.
Usability test has proved to be essential in the development of any type of products that endeavors to capture the consumer who is the user in this case. In reference to rapid application development, usability test is vital since it provides the required information about the requirements and the different ways of testing the designs (Edrington 1999). In this type of model, the different components are developed in parallel as if they are just sub projects. The designers arrange the developments and deliver them into a working prototype. It is at this stage that the user achieves something visible to see and try out to provide feedback in regards to phase.
RAD model encourages the feedback of the customer, which is the backbone of the usability test because it depends solely on the customer to provide information about the type of product that will suit him. On the other hand, the customer gets to own the final product since it is a development or rather a product that resulted from the company involving the customer in getting the views and ideas on to develop it. In any business, the intended customer should be a point of consideration before releasing or developing any kind of product. Without the user, there will be no reason to develop such software, websites since there will be no consumer, and usability test has proven to be one of the best links between the customer and the developer.
Edrington, V. (1999). User Interface Design And Usability Testing: An Application. Retrieved from Read More
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