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IT425-1403A-01 Phase 5 System Integration & Deployment (DB) - Assignment Example

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System deployment is a critical process in software development life cycle as it outlines the necessary procedures aimed at making sure that the system runs according to the design standards (Ambler, 2014). Deployment involves all activities that are aimed at handing over the…
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IT425-1403A-01 Phase 5 System Integration & Deployment (DB)
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Download file to see previous pages Focus will be on producing a work breakdown structure for the system.
A work breakdown structure requires the project manager to divide a large project into small and manageable tasks. In this case, there is a need to breakdown the entire project into seven interrelated activities in order to simplify the entire process. This will give the project manager the autonomy to monitor the overall progress and thus be in a position to mitigate any delays (Tutorialspoint, 2014).
The Ordering system for Pizza Restaurants requires the dedication of all the stakeholders especially considering that some of the activities need to be performed at the actual restaurant’s premises (Reeves, 2010). This means that the last two stages are important since they will involve the total corporation of users. Migration of the entire system is a vital activity that characterizes the deployment and operational stages and thus should be handled with extra attention. Another activity is the retire of the system should it become absolute. Even though this is not expected to happen in the near future, all the necessary plans should be put in place to ensure there is a smooth rollover (Schiesser, 2010).
Maryland Department of Information Technology (2014). Phase 6: Development Phase. Retrieved from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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