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It can be among hardware’s, Software’s, peripheral devices and human beings. Interfaces can be divided into numerous types starting with the hardware…
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Interfaces, Database Integration, and Controls
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Interfaces, database integration, and controls management affiliation Interfaces, database integration, and controls management
A boundary through which different constituents of the computer system can exchange data can be referred to as an interface. It can be among hardware’s, Software’s, peripheral devices and human beings. Interfaces can be divided into numerous types starting with the hardware interfaces, software interface and lastly the user interfaces.
Hardware interfaces are the logical, mechanical and electrical signals within the interface and the procedure for classifying them at times known as signalling. This hardware interfaces are present in multiple components such as input output devices, storage devices and buses which the hardware uses to connect through each other
Software interfaces can be termed as the codes and languages in which applications use to interconnect to each other and also with the hardware devices. Programs or application that run on the operating system need to connect through streams, while in object oriented programs, the applications connect through methods. User interface are the components of the computer that enable communication between the computer and user (Wolpaw, 2012).
Database integration includes joining information existing in different sources and providing the operators with a similar understanding of these information. This technique became important in numerous circumstances which included both scientific and commercial. This integration enables the user to be able to access any piece of information from anywhere whether at home or at the office and be able to use the data in almost any application (Doan, 2012).
Controls are separate devices, chips or an accessory card, which interfaces with devices that feed data into or out of a computer. It can be a controller on a peripheral device which pedals the processes of that device or connections among two components of a computer. A controller in desktops might be a single-integrated circuit found on the motherboard or peripheral devices whereas a device integrated into the external devices in supercomputers is also a controller (Hellerstein, 2004).
Information should be safely secured and easily available whenever needed for examination. Thus Interfaces, Database Integration, and Controls play a major part when it comes to management of data. The interfaces need to direct the operators on how to get the best outcomes from the computer system while database integration will help users to have access to information they need from anywhere as long as they have access to the database. Lastly the controller’s interfaces with peripheral devices that help in the input and output of information in the systems.
Standardization of these approaches is important to make it easier for utilization in different organizations with different employees. Documentation is also important because it will be useful for handing over of procedures to new personnel it will be easier for them to know what was taking place in the organization.
User and management sign off is fundamental since people who make changes or entries into the database can be traced and this can bring accountability and in order to have accountability and responsibility in data management. In addition access to the database must be organised to guarantee confidentiality.
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