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The paper gives detailed information about the brain-computer interface. "Possible Benefits of Brain-Computer Interface" shows possible benefits of using such technology n repairing human cognitive, assisting and aiding in sensory-motor functions according to Hans Berger's discovery…
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Possible Benefits of Brain Computer Interface
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Brain-computer interface refers to the virtual delivery of computing technology as a service as opposed to being a product. According to Tan and Nijholt (26), with the use of Brain-computer interface, shared resources such as software and information is shared through interlinked networks on the internet. Studies on Amazon and sales force adopt the nature of working with the application of the new technology.  The networks operate on a virtual platform assuring the displacement of information in all the connected networks. Data warehousing is a database that organizations use for analysis and reporting. Data stored in the warehouse is uploaded from operational systems, which may pass through operational data store to gain additional information before stored in the Data warehouse for reporting usage. In the research analysis by Tan and Nijholt, a simple data warehouse uses staged data to integrate and access layers in housing key functions.  In the staging process, raw data is stored. Integration involves layer integration where data is placed in hierarchical groups. The access layer is hence used by the user to retrieve data.  The linkage between the two systems is applicable on many levels (Tan and Nijholt 26).             The 21st century has been converted with the emerging effect displayed by the brain-computer interface environment creates an interesting merge of information. Data warehousing performs the same effect of what it does to the webserver. It will raise the bar; second, it will push the pendulum back to the section of data marts. The third impact is that it will deflate the inevitable process of press generation.  An interaction of Brain-computer interface and data warehousing will raise the bar on the Brain-computer interface. Data aggregation capabilities in the Brain-computer interface are elevated.             The brain-computer interface is the exact opposite of data acquisition. In the Brain-computer interface, data is transparent, independent and functional whereas, in data warehousing, data warehousing is more centralized with linkage to data storage. The difference between the explosion of data and computing power is evident. Read More
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