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Microprocessor System and Application - Assignment Example

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This paper 'Microprocessor System and Application" focuses on the types of microprocessors system application and the ways in which microprocessors based system can be applied. In computer science the procedure of transforming raw data into useful information is acknowledged as processing. …
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Microprocessor System and Application
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Extract of sample "Microprocessor System and Application"

Download file to see previous pages In a computer, a processor commonly involves one or more microprocessors (also acknowledged as chips), which are silvers of silicon or other substance stamped with many little electronic circuits. To perform operations on data, the computer passes electricity all the way through circuits to execute an instruction (Norton 2001.p. 5). The innovation in technology has brought a lot of facilities for us. We have better ways of life and all the facilities regarding better production and domestic tasks. Such as in the industrial production we have automatic robots that are welding, packing, moving and carrying out several other development-related tasks. These robots are pre-programmed and microprocessors based chips are controlling all the tasks. The microprocessors are premeditated in a mode that all the takes those are assigned to them are executed in succession. There are many types of industrial systems that are indented to manufacture some product. These systems are preprogrammed and each system has a separate task and a group of such machines able to complete the whole task in an effective way. If we talk about the use of microprocessors in the commercial sector then we will find a lot of examples. In this modern age, we can see a lot of such examples around us like weighing scales, cameras, and photocopier. These machines have the microprocessor chips those are intended to accomplish the overall job. These microprocessors are capable to carry out a complicated set of tasks and carry out the overall task in a better way. In our daily life, we can see microprocessor-based machines everywhere. Such as the machines those involved in cooking food, washing clothes, watching the program, cooling room, etc. These are all based on the microprocessor technology. This technology has made our life so easier. The size of the machines has reduced and their performance has improved. The overall daily working performance has augmented.

In this scenario, the microprocessor chips are designed to handle the overall task of production and manufacturing.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Microprocessor System and Application Assignment.
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