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CIS 375 week 10 Term Paper: Students Self-Service Website for Mobile Devices - Assignment Example

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Web self-service can be defined in simpler terms as an electronic support that permits and let the employees and customers of a particular enterprise perform routine tasks and obtain information over the internet, without having to interact with customer care personnel or a…
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CIS 375 week 10 Term Paper: Students Self-Service Website for Mobile Devices
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Download file to see previous pages The main aim would be to provide students and staff access to their personal information and course related material.
Therefore, the main purpose and goals of the mobile self-service to the university will be to provide 24 hour a day service to the students and its staff. This will ensure that students access information any time of the day regardless of their physical address thus promoting efficiency of access to information. Another purpose of the service will be to ensure immediate access to information. Access to information will be easier and faster as it will reduce communication via emails and phone calls which at times tend to delay service delivery and access to information. Faster service delivery is a motivation to customers who in this case are students. In this case customer satisfaction is guaranteed thus promoting frequent visits to the website.
The service will also allow students to perform routine tasks and access information over the internet. Routine tasks may involve such things like downloading and submission of assignments, checking their school fees status among other things. This service will ensure this can be achieved anytime and anywhere. Availability of the widely used wireless internet connection will ensure students access information with ease and a cheaper cost. Another purpose of the service will be to reduce operational costs of the university mostly related with communication and information delivery. Operational costs like telephone charges will be reduced drastically. Thus, this will provide cost effective means of improving customer relations between the management, students, and employees.
The target audience of this service will include almost all the stakeholders of the university. The most targeted audience of this service is the students who are the major stakeholder because their needs and wants are the core business of the university. Other stakeholders are the teaching staff who entails ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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