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How New Media Changed the Way in Which Individuals Communicate - Coursework Example

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The paper "How New Media Changed the Way in Which Individuals Communicate" discusses that technology has enabled communication to reach its maximum potential, at least as far as we are concerned because technologists would surely disagree, with all the developments going on. …
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How New Media Changed the Way in Which Individuals Communicate
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Extract of sample "How New Media Changed the Way in Which Individuals Communicate"

Download file to see previous pages Unarguably, the Internet is central to the sophistication of information and communication. It has enabled people - through their computer systems and mobile network devices - to be networked together so that they interact real-time. A resident of London, for instance, could chat with a friend from Chile, read an on-going news story about what is happening in Libya and buy some apparel from a manufacturing outfit in China. All these feats could be accomplished at the same time, from the comfort of the Londoners own home and just with some clicks of his mouse. It is easy to understand how people regard the Internet as a blessing for the sheer reason that it makes life so much easier and for knowledge to be gained at the speed of light.
Presently, the global Internet users are fast approaching its 2 billionth mark. (World Internet Usage 2011) Because of this, the Internet became a platform for communication as well as a form of digital community that people could take advantage of for whatever objective, cause and purpose they have. For example, there is the issue of online trade or more popularly known as e-commerce. Organizations through the Internet gain access to millions upon millions of consumers to sell goods and services. At the other end of this equation, there are also those millions who turn to the medium in order to find and buy goods and services. Today, trade of all kinds and in all volumes peruses the Internet as an integral part of the sales process because it eliminates several steps and barriers in the ordinary trading process. Because of the Internets capability, production and sale of goods and services have become cost-efficient, benefitting the producer and the consumer in the process. The type of communication offered by online infrastructure has provided users with a facilitated way by which their economic or commercial needs are satisfied. Online trade and marketing are now so sophisticated that they are permeated people’s online lives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How New Media Changed the Way in Which Individuals Communicate Coursework - 3.
“How New Media Changed the Way in Which Individuals Communicate Coursework - 3”, n.d.
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